Batman The Dark Knight Clown Cosplay Costume






The jacket was a perfect fit, enough to look great, but not large enough to work in if you have an active job. The shirt was large, as were the pants, and I had to hem both to fit better for the holiday. The pants are a thin material that might even look good for a normal outing, assuming you don't mind not having back pockets. The gloves were small an unusable. I didn't even look at the scars, as I made my own for the costume. (In my defense, I had theatre make-up training, so I was already prepared for DIY scars.) The white face paint was good, I on threw a bit of transparent powder over the paint to make sure it would stay. The black crayon wasn't terribly bad, although I might have liked a bit darker, but everyone still loved it! For my hair (without the wig) I bought a green color and mixed it 4 parts green, 1 part white, and covered my hair lightly with it. It looked great, although next year I might just use pure green.

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