I’d make this topic for newbies to get advice from vets on how to properly act at anime conventions. Remember, even though you paid hard-earned money to go to a convention, they still reserve the right to throw you out. There are some basic “Do”-s and “Don’t”-s that remain true and very real.Not only they will allow you to have a better time at such conventions, but you will also gain the respect of others and make more friends.


THE TOP 10 “DO”-S:


1. Make your plan in advance

Your budget, transportation, etc. ahead of time, especially if you’re planning to bring a large group with you. It cuts down on headaches and left behind party members. If you are under 18,make sure to have a parent or appointed person in the area of the convention center. For insurance reasons,most conventions staff can not be expected to baby sit people under the age of 18 nor would they probably want too.

2. Making a reservation in advance. 

Keep on top of when hotels will be releasing the rooms for that particular weekend. If you don’t stay on top of those things, the hotels will fill up fast, and you end up paying for a hotel that’s either a hefty walking distance away, or requires you to drive your car to the center. While this doesn’t sound too bad, the parking at conventions can be anywhere from ten dollars to THIRTY dollars a day, and do you really want to waste that much money on parking because your hotel is too far away? I don’t think so.

3. Bring your backpack with you.

Seriously, you’ll be thankful you did! Maybe it sounds terrible because you’re going to have to carry it all day, but it’s better than some alternatives. Some cons provide you with bags but not all do. So bring a backpack.

4. Remember your ID Card!!!

You never know when you’ll get carded and by whom. Not just your con badge, but Driver’s license, passport, whatever.

5. Remember to hydrate and eat

Nothing is worse than passing out or getting the shakes because you haven’t had anything to eat or drink all day.

  • Bring fixings for sandwiches and stuff. The weekend is NOT about eating fantastic food; it’s about enjoying the convention and sometimes eating sandwiches three times a day is part of that. Food at the conventions is not cheap and you don’t want to spend 10 to 15 dollars on food when you could be spend that on a new Star Wars poster or that Star Trek box set that you’ve been eyeing for years.
  • Bring a water bottle, or canteen! Especially for summer cons!!! Make sure to drink LOTS of water, you can usually find water fountains in the convention centers and you’ll be able to refill it.
  • Stop at a large Supermarket and buy snacks and supply. Hotels and convention centers are expensive when it comes to food and drink.
6. Bring extra money in case of emergencies.

They may charge you extra for your hotel room without telling you, or they charge you twice for parking; Both of the situation have happened to me. CASH, CASH, CASH! I preach cash! Yes, more and more vendors are taking cards because of those new little devices that you can attach to your phones and tablets, but cash is so much better. You’ll be less likely to spend money that you DON’T HAVE .

7. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes

In case your cosplay boots start killing your feet halfway through con, bring a pair of comfortable shoes with you.

8. PLEASE DO wear deodorant

PLEASE. Carry the deodorant around with you,especially for summer cons!!! I ALWAYS keep some on you at cons even though you hardly sweat.

A good note as well is to bring hand sanitizer. You will shake a lot of hands each day and everyone’s germs are being spread like crazy. So the most important thing to do is catch a cold on the first day of a convention. Hand sanitizer is a GREAT idea.

9. keep your cell phone with you and check it frequently for missed calls.

Don’t forget this!!! Phone will be used to keep time, keep track of the people you came with and take pictures! you don’t want it dying! Moreover, make sure your mobile phone works and has plenty of time on. Some phones don’t work in the larger convention centers and hotels, so you may miss a lot of phone calls.

10. Bring an emergency sewing kit

If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Needles, thread, hot glue gun, pins, tape, velcro, hair bands, bobby pins, extra paint or fabric, band aids, etc. Be prepared.




1. Don’t be rude to convention center staff

Don’t be rude to security, volunteers, hotel/convention center staff or anyone else in the service industry who is working the convention.They know more about what’s going on behind the scenes than you do. You can ask them kindly.

2. Do not judge

 “You look WAY better than the other I saw today!” Whether or not you realize it, this is a personal attack. Rip on other people’s costumes, or tell them what they did wrong unless THEY ASK YOU. Hey, they’re already at the convention, and it’s a BIT too late to change it now. Some people take pride in their cosplays no matter what they look like. Here are 3 cosplay judgements you should not say:

  • “Aww, your costume is WAY better than mine!”
  • “Did you buy your costume?”
  • “Mmm, you look sooo hot!  Can I get a pic? …Uh, what are you?”
3. Don’t take pictures of others before permission

4. Do not touch others’ cosplay equipment

Don’t touch other cosplayers’ costumes, props, wigs OR SELVES without asking permission.

5. Do not run in the convention center

You will cause losses running around a crowded convention center. Plan out your day, so you will not need hurry and cause a ruckus. People will appreciate that.

At the same time, be mindful of your wings, large props, big costumes in the crowded spaces, you may hit people with your props, cause we had this problem at Matrocon last year (yeah I know sounds stupid).

6. No drink

Get insanely drunk and then go to a rave/dance, you’ll make a fool of yourself and do stuff that you regret, leading to awkwardness the following day.

7. Don’t forget to take your things away with you include the garbage

Be aware of the world we live in, Take care of your staff and don’t leave your props or belongings unattended, they may get stolen.

8. Don’t wander around alone at night, especially girl


Final words

These are just a couple of the MANY other “Do”-s and “Don’t”-s, such as: be careful of where you walk, behave responsibly while in public, be aware of other countries’ customs and practices. The list can go on and on. These tips, however, are the first few steps you can take to make your overall experience more enjoyable. Nevertheless, the best tip is to remember to always have fun at conventions and remember to make more friends!

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