When we talk about cosplay, the first impression is that’s kind of expensive and also complicated to get into–good costumes aren’t cheap, and not all people have so much spare money. However, economic insufficiency won’t stop us from playing and dressing like our favorite characters, so here is where low-cost cosplay appear. These cheap cosplay costumes may be made up of some unconventional material, but the creative and hilarious idea of it will definitely make you laugh to tears.

So here we will list 15 classic low-cost cosplay works from 2 famous cosplay talents, and after seeing how they do, maybe you will be able to do fantastic cosplay whipped out anything you could find in the house, too.

 Low-Cost Cosplay from Anucha Saengchart

Anucha “Cha” Saengchart aka ‘Low Cost Cosplay‘ has amassed a massive online following for his creative and downright hilarious budget cosplays (costume + role play).

The online celebrity hails from Bangkok, Thailand and is incredibly active online. His first ever attempt was back in 2013 when he tried to do a low-budget version of Piccolo from Dragon Ball and he’s been putting smiles on faces ever since.

In the spirit of his page, his followers (of which there are more than 87,000) have started posting their own costume ideas, which are also at once hilarious and brilliant. Be sure to check out his Facebook page if you’d like to see more! Here we choose some classic low-cost cosplay works of him for you.

1.Low-Cost Terminator Cosplay

If you dare, red light spot on his glasses can totally come from the mouse.

2.Cheap Woody Cosplay Costume

Wow, this must be the most vivid Woody cosplay you have ever seen, and it’s low cost too, you know it seeing those Steel ball and scissors.

3.Disney Girl

Man, quit looking me like that, I am about to laugh my head off…


With a white shoe and a marker, you can change into Picasso‘s drawing effortlessly.

5.Buzz Lightyear

Lost-Cost Cosplay is an attitude!  Grab a bottle and transform into your favorite cartoon character, oh, just remember to dye your hair purple first.


With only iron and a cute barbie, you can shoot an amazing poster like Titanic, too.


How to deal with leftover cornmeal? Let it be your super aid to cosplay Mario then.

8.Low-Cost Elsa Cosplay Costume

I don’t know why but this guy can always make me laugh with his low-cost cosplay and his creepy smile…

9.Captain America

Hey, I love your Captain America’s Shield,and I’m sure it will be more aggressive than the ordinary version with those rotating fan.

10.Beauty And The Beast

Alright, another Disney Princess……Instead of like the lady, I would rather choose this cute little beast this time.

 Low-Cost Cosplay from Sine Benjaphorn

People discovered Thai social media star Benjaphorn “Sine” Chetsadakan last year and she is not your average cosplayer. Her signature designs all have one ingredient that makes them truly mouthwatering – food. It all began three years ago when the plus-size model grabbed the internet’s attention with by recreating Thai actress Araya “Chompoo” Hargate’s red carpet look from the Cannes Film Festival, using bags of prawn crackers from her mother’s store. Sine’s fame has only taken off from there, and she now has 76.1k Instagram followers.



Trick or treat? Your pick!


Lord of the Sea VS Lord of the Market  LOL…


Girl, to be frank, I thought your cute body shape cos the baby Mermaid greatly!


Shuri vs Chour

Welcome to Wakanda.

15.Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa VS Mona Pizza

Eat more pizza. Mona looks swollen.

Do you like these low-cost cosplay ideas? Comment below and share yours! We are going to give away coupons for high-quality cosplay costumes to help you stick to low-cost cosplay!

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