Every time we think of the burning summer,the hot ground, the endless sweat, we think of the cool swim pool and beach as well. Yes what we need only is the cool water in summer! If you love cosplay and want to relieve summer-heat at the same time,just dress up the lighter cosplay costume and party! It’s June now but it’s not too late to prepare a light cosplay costume for summer cosplay parties!

Summer parties can not be called summer parties without sexy swimsuit and bikini,and these popular characters we are going to introduce to you ensures we are never in short supply.There is no limits to the variants and version of the girls,so on the list,you will find the one you are going to cosplay!


1. NieR 2B cosplay from NieR Automata

Introduction is necessary now,we all know that how popular NieR cosplay is in 2017,there are a lot of cosplayers cosplay NieR with the same game version.But there are few people who cosplayed NieR in swimsuit version,just look at the sexy black lace necklace,the attractive black silk stockings and the milk white wigs,my dear friends, what are you waiting for?

2. Saber Cosplay from Fate Grand Order

This white Saber Swimsuit costume looks more cute with the blue bowknots on both sides of the swimming trunk.And remember to use the same blue bowknots to tie your wigs.

3.  Dva cosplay from Overwatch

There maybe no D.Va cuter than her while eating ! The suit with cute bunny necklace and well-made headset make her look like D.Va out of the game. Just dress the cuter D.va cosplay costume and play the games while eating,how wonderful!

4. Mercy from Overwatch 

5. Asuka Cosplay Idears from EVA

Such a bright-coloured Asuka cosplay jumpsuit,right?The close-fitting costume will also show your sexy figure if you don’t want to wear bikini.

6. Widowmaker Cosplay from Overwatch 

Are you fascinated by the charm of Widowmaker? Anywany, i’m hooked. By the way, If you are a fan of this character, don’t miss the chance to cosplay her in this beautiful summer season

7. Sombra Cosplay From Overwatch

The black sexy cosplay costume of everyone’s favorite Overwatch Sombra speaks for itself.As one of the popular hero of Overwatch,Sombra is typically difficult to cosplay,but Hanecosplay did it and believe yourself,you may do better than her.


8. Teemo from League of Legends

Awesome Teemo cosplay!Just don’t miss this creative cosplay ideas if you are a big fan of the hot game League of Legends. The original look hat and the red scarf make the whole Teemo cosplay looks more adorable.

9. Yoko Cosplay from Ayanami

You will Absolutely look good in  YOKO of AYANAMI  cos. It will suit you very well and bring out the charm of you as well. ^^ I especially like the flower in your hair…

10.  Tracer Cosplay from Overwatch

The Tracer costume in swimsuit version is shockingly accurate. A big benefit of this cool Tracer cosplay is that you can keep your beautiful look because of short wigs. And how can you forget the water gun when you go to the sandbeach?


11. Nozomi, Ayase Eli and Hoshizora Rin from Love Live 

Love live girls are very popular those years.You can see love live cosplay everywhere so they are another good choice if you want to do couple cosplay to show your friendship.There are only three of them but you can choose the Love Live girls you prefer to cosplay in the hot summer!

12. Kosaka Honoka and Ayase Eli from Love Live 

These is another version cosplay costume of Love Live girls.They are very distinctive because of those exquisite intersperse. If I were allowed to choose one costume to a cosplay party for summer,I will definitely choose these fantastic dancing costume.

13. Sinon Cosplay from Sword Art Online

14.  SAO cosplay Ideas for Summer

15.  Star Wars Cosplay for Summer

Look here!Your favorite Rey,Princess Leia and are all here! These Star Wars costume stands out on the list because of their spot-on recreation,it nails every important detail of their original costume, down to the lifelook pattern on their costume and the real hairstyle.

16. Aqua and Megumin from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o

17. Anna and Elsa Cosplay Ideas from Frozen

It seems like if you don’t want to be sexy in the summer pool cosplay parties,these unique and fresh Anna & Elsa costume are very suitable to wear.And to be honest,I don’t think there will be another more attractive look than your uniform look cosplay costume.Just try and you will be unique.


18. Slavya Cosplay Idea for Summer

Shirt and pleated skirt is very classic mix.If you don’t want to buy costume for summer,just take out your open your closet and choose a white shirt and blue dress.Then complete the whole Slavya cosplay with a orange wigs, congratulations,you are Slavya now!

19.  Yang Xiao Long Cosplay from RWBY

You don’t have to wear swimsuit if you don’t want to.This cool yellow Yang Xiao Long cosplay costume is also a great option for summer cosplay.

20. Ashe from League of Legends

Like we said above,there is no need to wear swimsuit or bikini if you don’t want to. You can also cool down with this light game looking Ashe cosplay costume.Don’t forget,Ashe herself is cool enough.Just enjoy the most original skin of Ashe,you will miss it!

Final Words

Haven’t found the cosplay ideas you prefer?You can leave your creative ideas below in the comment.And when we see it,we will add your ideas into our post.By the way,if you are looking for more high quality cosplay costumes, xcoos.com is a very great choice. You can find the most original look costume here with fast shipping – You are able to receive your items with half a month now!

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