Still annoying about Halloween Costumes?If you are looking for a unique cosplay idea,here are some of the best ideas for you!We have gathered top 15 cool cosplay ideas from the Internet,maybe it will give you an inspiration about which character to be chosen in this Halloween.All these cosplay ideas are unique and you don’t have to worry about to be the same as last year.We would not recommend the common and old cosplay characters in this blog.Here we go!

1.The Vampire of Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay

unique cosplay

Tokyo Ghoul

The scary and horrible Vampire of Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay makes you feel like in the remote east Tokyo street where is full of vampire.As an crazy anime fans,that anime Tokyo Ghoul is the must see horrible anime,maybe the vampire of Tokyo Ghoul costume is a pretty good choice to you,especially when you are an anime fans who enjoy vampire and ghost.

2.The DVA&Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes

unique cosplay

That is a pretty creative combination of the two costumes–The DVA&Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes,and I get addict to the wonderful costume when I first saw it in the 9gag website today.Maybe you could be inspired from the combination and try more creative combinations!

3.The Japanese Anime Costumes

unique cosplay

unique cosplay

When you get tired of the usual American superhero Halloween costumes,the Japanese Anime costume might be a pretty nice choice to you!After all,we need make the change to our life,and so is our Halloween costume.

4.The Maid in The Old Shop Costume

unique cosplay

The gentle maid costume is always one of the most charming Halloween costume,choose one maid costume for your husband or boyfriend in this Halloween,it will make you look sexier and more attractive!

5.Ancient Chinese Cosplay

unique cosplay

Having been introduced so many female cosplay ideas,here we will recommend the Ancient Chinese Costumes for male cosplayer.In China,the Chinese ancient costumes are well welcomed by school students and cosplayers.But it is not common in US,you could try it,maybe you will love the costumes.

6. The 2B NieR Automata cosplay

The NieR Automata 2B cosplay

The 2B NieR Automata cosplay is no doubt going to be the most popular Halloween Costumes in 2017.I fell in love with the The NieR Automata 2B cosplay at first sight,it is so cool and sexy,you will not find a better costume that combine sexy and cool as the NieR Automata 2B costumes.You are no doubt going to be the focus of the crowded ,or the comic cons. When you surf in the cosplay website,you would find that there must be one NieR Automata 2B cosplay in the TOP 10 hottest costumes,so why not try to be an Automata NieR  as in the game?

7. The Groot costumes


The Groot costume looked even more intricate up close,but it is hard to get the cool costume,maybe you could make the costumes by yourself if you are good at cosplaying,

8.The  Man-Thing Cosplay


Man-Thing is a very awesome copslay, inspired form RL Stine’s latest comic book series,the  Man-Thing Halloween costumes seems as real as it in the anime.The same problem is that you could not find the costume easily in the costume store,maybe you should try to make it by yourself.

9.Jack and Rose Costumes

unique cosplay

We all have watch the classical romance love movie–Titanic,and we are impressed with the love story of Jack and Rose,so why not try Jack and Rose Cosplay ?It is a quite wonderful couple cosplay idea that you can consider.No matter how old are you,it is never too old to express your love to your couple.

8.Pineapple Cosplay

unique cosplay

The Pineapple Cosplay is a good choice for family,children,adult. Whether you are a man or woman,kid or old,you could try the lovely Pineapple Cosplay.It is a very popular cosplay in Halloween,after all,it is easy to make a Pineapple Costume by yourself at home.

9.Regina George Halloween Costumes

Regina George

Regina George Halloween Costume is a very lovely cosplay,when you have no idea about who to cosplay,that will be a nice choice.

10.Cotton Candy Cosplay

Cotton Candy Cosplay

When you put on your adorable Cotton Candy Costumes,you could back to your childhood in only one minute.It take us to think about the sweet childhood and the memory about Cotton Candy,

11.Lovely Popcorn Cosplay


Lovely Popcorn Cosplay is a quite cool cosplay idea,you could go to the theater in the Lovely Popcorn Cosplay ,lots of anime and movie fans usually crarry a box of popcor.But whay if the Lovely Popcorn turns out to be a man or woman,is it a surprise or a horrible scene,

12.Lovely Bunny Costumes

Lovely Bunny Costumes

The Lovely Bunny Costumes are good cosplay ideas for family.And there are also some sexy bunny cosplay characters for you,such as the rabbit bunny girl cosplay.

13.Taylor Swift Costumes

unique cosplay

We all have our idol,so why not try to be your idol?Taylor Swift is a very popular singer in worldwide,if you are the fans of Taylor Swift,so why not try to be Taylor Swift .My girl friend is a crazy Taylor Swift fans,so this Halloween,maybe I would suggest her cosplay Taylor Swift.

14.Twinning Emojis Costumes

Twinning Emojis

Lovely.Twinning Emojis Costumes is a good choice for couple,confidantes,or two sisiters.It is time to show your love off in your facebook,twitter,pinterest,and other social media as you like.

15.Pop-Tart costumes

Pop-Tart costumes

Here I would love to share you with an adorable and sweet costumes to you–Pop-Tart costumes.If you don’t have enough time to prepare for your party or Halloween,maybe that last-minute costume is a good idea to you,of course,it is better for a female.

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