It is no secret that buying tailor made cosplay costumes can be scary and overwhelming, especially if you are new to the cosplay community. Here are 5 amazing tips to make buying tailor made cosplay costumes just a little bit easier.

Tailor Your Costumes

“Tailoring your clothes makes all the difference”, this simple rule of looking professional and well put-together in your daily life also implies when it comes to tailor cosplay. So the first thing is to break buying tailor cosplay down to two categories, Commissions and buying premade online.

Commissioning a costume means that you pay someone to make something specifically for you. Usually, when you commission tailor made cosplay costumes, you work very closely with the shop or person making your costume, which makes altering it to you easier, since you will work very closely with the commissioner and they tailor the costume to your needs and feedback whilst they’re making it.

Buying a costume online you often mean you will be buying them through a merchant or an online cosplay store. When doing this, pay close attention to the size chart. Most professional and reputational stores will provide a detailed size chart, measurement guide. A more prestigious one will even offer a tailoring service just like a commissioner would.

Be skeptical about the price

The first thing you should do after spotting a tailor cosplay you want to buy on an online store is to think to yourself “is this too cheap to be true?”. Complicated tailor made cosplay costumes, unfortunately, doesn’t come cheap and if the price is a little too low, it probably is too good to be true. An abnormally low price on a well-made complicated costume often is a good indication that it might be a scam. On the off chance that it’s not, the costume probably been made out of poor quality materials.

Beware of the catfishers

Another thing to watch out for is stolen stock photos that are used to advertise tailor cosplay. Sometimes online stores will use very professional looking cosplay photos with that turn out to be stolen photos of professional cosplayers with the store’s fake trademark. One good way to identify stock photos’ originality is to use google reverse search image.

Trustworthy cosplay stores will usually have stock photos with multiple angles as well as close-up details on different parts of the tailor made cosplay costumes.

Look for secure methods of payment


Make sure that the website you are ordering from has secure payment methods like PayPal, Venmo or another verified money transfer services.

Before placing an order, remember to read through the store’s return and exchange policy. If the order arrived and your expectation wasn’t met, you’d want to make sure you will be able to contact the seller and working out a solution.

Order early!!

Spare yourself the panicking and order your tailor made cosplay costumes as far away ahead of the convention as possible. Trust me, you really don’t want to panic on a few days before the convention, waiting for a package with your costumes that might never arrive in time.

A great way to avoid that heart-wrenching feeling is to choose an online store with detailed shipping time an order tracking service so you can keep a watchful eye on your beloved tailor cosplay at all times.

There you go, 5 easy tips for buying tailor made cosplay costumes. Some of them might seem intimidating and even overwhelming, not to mention there are a lot of scammers out there that should be avoided at all cost. However, there are also plenty of good online stores that are specialized in tailor tailored cosplay costumes with your best interest in mind. A great example of this is

XCOOS not only offers the best in fabrics, design, and styles when it comes to tailor made cosplay costumes, but also aimed to provide their customers with only the finest in the entire experience from order to delivery, to customer service with their amazing policies. You will be dotted not only while buying but after the order has been delivered to your front door, just in time to enjoy your convention.

All in all, do your research, trust your gut and enjoy cosplaying whether you make the costume yourself or trust the talents at XCOOS to do it for you. At the end of the day, you just want to be at a convention, surround yourself with like-minded people whilst dressing like your favorite characters and remember to just have fun!

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