To some, cosplay is a hobby. But To my friend Tom who is over 40, cosplay is a lifestyle. He said: cosplay is a great event that everyone could take part in no matter how old you are. To the uninformed, cosplay is the same as dressing up as a witch for Halloween. But for him, cosplay is more than just dressing up – it is fully an event that makes him addicted to the world with him favorite characters .

It will never too old to make your cosplay!  This shouldn’t be discouraging to older cosplayers but they should see it as an opportunity to cosplay a whole bunch of things they couldn’t before.

I would love to share a few tips for some older generation cosplayers. But at first,I would like to explain the question why people persist in cosplay even he/she is over 40!From personal experiences, I have found that people stick to cosplay for a multitude of reasons. Be it’s love of a character, enjoying the attention of being in an elaborate costume or portraying a loved character, or the appreciation from peers from completing a complex costume…there are many motivations for donning spandex or cape.

Ultimately, what all cosplayers have in common is that each person goes into this hobby because it’s fun. It requires time and dedication, but it is also rewarding to see the results.

Here are some cosplay advice for the older generation cosplayers!

1.Cosplay characters who are can only age over time.

The role of many characters can hide your age, people cannot figure out your age by your role. You don’t have to worry about your age, so you can also be the most shining star in the party or even at a anime cons. Here are some characters ideas for you! Hokage Naruto, Avatar Aang, Grandpa Joseph Joestar, Goku, spider man,The Ice King from Adventure Time.

cosplay for age over 40

2.Challenge many characters.

Cosplay is to make the impossible possible.In the world of cosplay, we can do whatever we want to do ignoring your age. So why not try it? Being a superhero to protect our planet, or try a sexy black cat costumes to show your most charming side to your man, or just try a character that is completely opposite to your personality.Remember our motto is to challenge the impossible!

cospaly tips for age over 40

3.Cosplay characters that match your age.

You can find a lot of characters that is suitable for you in the TV series, movies, games and so on.Many characters are also very cool such as Muriel and Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ocelot from Metal Gear, old woman vampire , Kingdom Hearts II ,Walter White from Breaking Bad, Popeye and Olive Oil, etc.

cosplay tips for age over 40

4.Cosplay matching cosplays with your children and grandchildren.

You can enjoy the fun of cosplay with your kids,which is helpful for you to get along with your children or grandchildren.Just have a try, Carl and Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, Woody & Jessie from Toy Story, Batman and Robin/Joker, Ash/Misty and Pikachu, Chihiro and No Face, Big Sister/Big Daddy and Little Sister from Bioshock, Uncle Ben/Aunt May and spider-man, Totoro with your children as Satsuki and Mei, Grandpa and Jade Harley from Homestuck, or some anime characters etc.cosplay tips

5.Cosplay with your Spouse!

Enjoy the fun of cosplay with your own spouse, It can enhance the feelings and understanding between you and your spouse. Maybe, trying some couple Cosplay will bring you back to your honeymoon. Why don’t we try to take your wife or husband with you and do a great thing when we find the daily life are so boring?

Do trying some couple theme cosplay,,such as Jack Skellington and Sally, Mario and Peach, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, Ellie and Carl from Up, Captain America and Bucky Barnes/Peggy Carter, Link and Zelda, scott and jean,etc.couple cosplay ideas

Cosplay is a great hobby, don’t refuse to try it for the reason of age. Most of the time, as soon as we take the first step, we find a new world. It is not as difficult as you think it is, nor is it a product of the young. Never give up on the world because of age. Finally, the most important thing is being happy.

No matter who you cosplay, you have to remember our original intention–Have fun! Cosplay is about enjoying yourself and the atmosphere and being round people who share your same interests! If you don’t have fun, you’re not cosplaying the right way! No matter what, you’ll find someone who enjoys your cosplay! Everything we do is for fun. This is all the original intention to play cosplay, please do not live up to it!

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