Cosplay is becoming more and more popular recently and the common question heard around the forums is “diy cosplay costume” – the concept of making your own costume.Sometimes,the price of the costume is a little higher.To save money,it’s no surprise that many cosplayers want to make their costume by themselves.But here is my question,is DIY appropriate for newcomer to cosplay?Do they know how to paint on fabric and sewing?

Below,we will take Wonder Woman costume as an example for you,wish it can help you make your own decision.

The steps process to DIY Wonder Woman cosplay costume

  1. Measure your physical information like height,waist,hips,chest first.
  2. Purchase the material of Wonder Woman costume and prepare sewing machine and other tools.
  3. Google for some helpful Gal Gadot cosplay tutorial,but you may not always find the appropriate cosplay tutorial online.
  4. Start to make your own costume according to the Diana cosplay tutorials you found.
  5.  Purchase the cosplay accessories here and there.

And the process above looks very easy but when you start to do it,you will find it super difficult if you want to make the Diana costume as accurate as the original look.And here we list some cons of diy costumes:

1. Make your own Halloween costume need a lot of time to prepare

Should I save time and pay $200 to get the Diana costume shipped to me? Or should I save cash and spend a week of my time going to make it myself? Have you ever thought those question before you make your decision?As a newcomer,you may have no idea if diy or paying extra for shipping was a better use of your time and money.

So you should think first and see if your time of diy is worthy. For example, you only need to spend a few minutes to compare which are the best store for cosplay costume and then spend another a few minutes to place the order.To be honest,the only thing you need to worry about buying online is that you’d better choose the most suitable size.If not,you will spend more money returning it. But if you decide to diy,there are a lot of things you need to worry about,first you may have to buy pieces here and there,Below is only a small part of the process,you can have a look:

Materials you need to prepare:

  • Black corset
  • 5 pieces of red craft foam
  • 6 pieces tan craft foam
  • Scrap leather
  • Scrap brown leather
  • 2 brown belts

Tools you need to prepare:

  • Glue Gun
  • Red metallic paint
  • Gold spray paint
  • Liquid gold leaf paint
  • Brush Set

2. DIY Wonder Woman Costume may not always save your money

Every professional and amateur budgeter has been faced with the difficult analysis of, “Which is cheaper…?” Is it cheaper to DIY or buy? Is it cheaper to do it yourself or pay someone to do it?

Sometimes,you will pay more during the process of your diy.For example,if you want to cosplay Wonder Woman,you should compare the price of diy to purchase.And Here, we analyzed the cost of buy and diy to show which way is much cheaper,buy, or DIY.

Black corset $ 26.99 xxx
5 pieces of red craft foam $ 10.33 per piece  x5 xxx
6 pieces tan craft foam $ 9.36 per piece  x6 xxx
Scrap leather $ 19.79 xxx
Red metallic paint $ 8.9 xxx
Gold spray paint $ 11.85 xxx
Liquid gold leaf paint $ 8.92 xxx
2 brown belts $ 15 per belt xxx
Scrap brown leather $ 19.99 xxx
Glue Gun $ 10.99 xxx
Wonder Woman Boots(cover ) $ 49.99 xxx
Total sum $ 278.45 $ 211

As it shows in this chart,if you want to diy your diy one Wonder Woman cosplay costume, you need to buy so many materials here and there.And above all if you buy one from xcoos,you will not only pay less than the cost of the diy,but also save a lot of time.

3. The cosplay costume sold online are more accurate

Accuracy will often increase the original look of a whole cosplay if you have high demand for your cosplay costume,and want to bring the character to life,I suggest you to buy online unless you are able to make the more exquisite costume than professional tailors.

For example,if you want to diy a original Gamora cosplay costume,here is a effect pictures of diy,which is the most accurate one I can find online. And I don’t mean that this diy Gamora costume is not pretty,but compared to the one sold in xcoos,I prefer the original Gamora more.

4. DIY comfortable costume is complicated,it requires professional sewing

There maybe a lot of people who are very talented and can sew a whole costume,while others may be not well versed in sewing.I am definitely that second part since my sewing skills are very limited.For me,I’ve always really been into cosplay but never had the opportunity to do it,and I am kind of a lone wolf when it comes to this complex staff like sew machine, or something else.Above all I don’t think I am an artistic person in the world,so making my own costumes is a BIG no to me.

First you need to know that there are two type of sewing:hand sewing and machine sewing.Most of time,you need to complete your costume by combinating both of the sewing type.If you’re experienced enough,you can probably get started to cut,measure and sew.But If you’re not, you might want to practice hand sewing or machine sewing on a few spare pieces of fabric first.

You need to figure out Hand sewing

  • How to thread a needle
  • How to secure thread
  • How to tie a knot
  • How to fasten the ends of hand stitching

Machine sewing

  • Straight for basting,seaming and topstitching
  • Zigzag stitch for stitching around appliqués, making buttonholes, sewing on buttons, and embroidering
  • Three-step zigzag is used for finishing raw edges,sewing on elastic,mending tears,and making decorative effects.
  • Blind hem and stretch blind hem
  • Overlock are designed to stitch and finish seams in one step, simulating the serger stitches that you see on ready-to-wear garments.

5. Your costume options are limited

To be honest,if you are not super talented at cosplay DIY,you’d better give up making the complex costume by your own,like Captain America costume,Batman cosplay costume.And the best choice of diy is anime cosplay costume and some easy cosplay costume you can diy using household items,like One-Punch Man cosplay costume and Simpson Cosplay.

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