Doing cosplay is really a fascinating hobby, right? Every time we saw some gorgeous dressed in exquisite cosplay costume, it just makes our eyes popped out. But for someone new to the cosplay, it can be kind of complex and sometimes they tend to be too nervous to attend a convention relax. Now here are some cosplay tips for beginners, and they are dished out by top cosplayers which you can totally trust on.

Let’s start learning these cosplay tips for beginners together and to see how far they can help you!

1. Choose your costume wisely

 Cosplay Tips

Firstly, you just want to find some cosplay costumes you are interested in, but how? I find it helpful to keep a list of costumes I’d like to make as I think of them, but how do you even think of them in the first place? One of the most helpful ways I found new costumes at the start was actually through the ideas of others. You saw an amazing cosplayer, and then you want to do it like him or her. Or you can just keep a list by yourself every time you saw something appealing to you.

Apart from choosing something you like, Choosing comfort is important to make you experience great. Your character wears 9-inch stilettos because it is a fantasy world where that does not cause agonizing foot pain. You’re not in that world, unfortunately. You can get flats or shorter heels in the same color, still, look like the character, and your feet will thank you. Same goes for impossibly big wigs or improbable dresses and weapons.

And for your own sake, choose light materials please. Some of the best cosplay costumes you’ll ever see will be large, massive creations involving bulky materials or thick costume material. You will praise them and envy them – until you realize that the person inside that costume is about to pass out from heat stroke. Do not be the person who makes the mistake of wearing a bulky cosplay costume in the middle of summer. Even if it does look good, you’ll hate wearing it. These is all for  Cosplay Tips 1.

2. Find feasible conventions for you

 Cosplay Tips

Then comes to Cosplay Tips 2.  For people who are not already a con attendee, this could be a little daunting. Location is usually a big deciding element for what conventions are fitable for you, and keep your costs in mind for tickets, transport, accommodation, and food. Convention tickets can range from 15 US dollars a day to 700 US dollars a day, depending on the convention and the ticket category, but they seem to lurk around from 20 US dollars a day to 60 US dollars a day for the most part. Some cons are only one day, while others run for several days, and even their opening hours vary, so these costs can add up to very different numbers between different cons.

Generally,  larger cons tend to  become overwhelming easily, while smaller cons are easier to do socializing. You can go with your friends and have fun together, and there are often groups online where you can chat with other attendees.

3. Make-up makes cosplay more perfect

 Cosplay Tips

You can’t expect your costume to look 100% amazing if you aren’t doing much to improve your look, either. The better you look, the better your cosplay looks.” So that’s why we should add corresponding make-up to cosplay we do to make it seems more  real.

The best makeup for cosplay is stage makeup, especially if you’ll literally be on stage (like doing a skit or panel) or for photography.

If your character doesn’t wear makeup (because most anime girls don’t), it’s still a good idea to do minimal, natural-looking makeup to smooth out your appearance, hide flaws, and give your eyelashes that big anime-style look. Most anime characters have a dark eyelash line, so I would recommend a liquid eyeliner (or a pencil for the timider). Dudes should do this too.

4. Be prepared for deadline

 Cosplay Tips

Here comes to Cosplay Tips 4. First things first, you need to choose your character, and if you’re wearing it to a specific event you’ll need to plan for that deadline. It’s always a terrible experience when we finish everything in the early hours of that morning, but for the sake of example let’s do this by the schedule. And here is a schedule that seems to be pretty safe as an ideal example to the convention: About 1-2 months (minimum) before the con you should be buying and ordering everything you need. This works on an optimistic two weeks for supplies to be delivered, and two weeks working time for those supplies.

Sometimes things get lost in the mail, sometimes there are mail delays, sometimes sellers post the wrong material entirely, and this leeway is even more important when ordering from overseas, as the international post can be very unpredictable and often slower than domestic mail. So it’s pretty important to find a reliable supply, here I recommend XCOOS to you, you can try from this one and would not regret making this decision.

5.Important con supplies for emergency

 Cosplay Tips

All kinds of things may happen when you actually attend a cosplay conventions, and preparing some con supplies shows it’s importance then.

The important con supplies include things like:

your make-up (making a list helps for this, too) and make-up remover;

wig and hair supplies, such as pins and a wide tooth comb;

emergency sewing kit with safety pins (not all cons have cosplay medics);

gaffer tape, scotch tape, Hollywood tape..;




adhesives and/or hot glue.

6. Be confident and just enjoy it

 Cosplay Tips

And the last of the Cosplay Tips is the most crucial one. Many of the cosplayers out there said that one of the best cosplay tips for beginners they could give is to just give it a shot. Don’t worry about what others think, just have fun with it.

Don’t be afraid to talk to others at conventions. If you see someone who made an incredible cosplay, then, by all means, approach them, compliment them, and ask them how they made it.

Don’t worry about whether you look perfect or not, it’s not the point. You can always see a lot of cosplay beginners show on all kinds of conventions, and they just enjoy it ignoring others’ comments.

Be confident in your costume. Be prepared to handle criticism, perhaps even by thinking of comebacks in advance. But the thing is, most people will love and compliment your costume at a convention!

Got any ideas about how to start your cosplay journey?  We really hope these 6 Cosplay Tips for Beginners kind of help you. If you have any other questions about how to do cosplay, you can send an email to us by  [email protected], we are really glad to help you!

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