All superman love to change their war robes between times,and batman is like a fashion icon among them cause he succeed in redesigning his costume so often. Since the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics, there have been dozens of manner of Batman Cosplay Costumes already. With so many versions it might be hard to figure out which to choose. Fortunately, we’ve done some researching and found the 8 best Batman cosplay costumes that definitely can make you attractive in the crowd.

Without further ado, here are 8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes of All Time!


8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes

Praised as one half of the duo that revitalized Batman’s dark roots in the early ’70s, Neal Adams created a Batsuit worthy of the Dark Knight. Drawing Batman after the campy 1960s vibe that had dominated on both television and in the comics, Neal Adams had to adapt the character with a more mature look that wouldn’t turn readers off of the character. This is why he kept some of the obvious pieces of the 1960s Batsuit intact while making changes that gave the character a darker, more brooding feel.

Adams changed the suit by extending the height of the cowl’s ears and giving the cape a shoulder mounted position. Along with these minor changes, he bulked up Batman, which made him a more intimidating presence. While this suit is still simple, compared to what would follow, Neal Adam’s contributions to the character and his cosplay costume influenced every version that followed.

2.BATMAN ’89

8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes

The original suit worn by Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s Batman was exactly what one would expect from the time period. Taking the darkness of Tim Burton’s mind, mixing it with Batman and then throwing in Jack Nicholson as the Joker sold the entire set-up. Michael Keaton wore the suit better than just about anyone else who has donned the cape and cowl, becoming the perfect mix of Bruce Wayne and Batman.

The cosplay costume here was a full rubber suit, complete with no room to move, but it (perhaps ironically) brought life to Batman in a whole new way that hadn’t been seen. Before this, his past appearances were limited to old-time movie serials and Adam West’s blue-heavy, campy version on television and the big screen.


8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes

We’ve now seen Ben Affleck’s Batman in action in the various trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only is Ben Affleck huge in these movies, but his Batman Vs Superman Cosplay Costume is a worthy adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns Batsuit, which Zack Snyder has said is his main inspiration for this film. Ben Affleck has the same large Bat-symbol on his chest and his mech-suit has the same style.

Unlike other live-action suits, this one is definitely functional, and provides Batman with enough mobility to get the better of his opponents. Also, there are areas in which he has padding, in order to protect himself without having a suit that is fully armored, like the suits seen in Nolan’s Batman films. He also, apparently, has brass knuckles, just like in Batman: Noël. This is shaping up to be the best live-action Batsuit we’ve ever seen.

4.Matches Malone

8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes

A Batsuit, but not technically a bat suit. To go the places where neither Batman nor Bruce Wayne could reach, the Dark Knight concocted (or co-opted) his Matches Malone identity – a swaggering, matchstick-chewing hoodlum with a Noo Jersey accent, sunglasses and 50s gangster mustache.

After Malone’s death (depending on which Earth continuity you happen to be reading), Batman would break out the make-up kit and disguise himself as the man, going deep undercover in Gotham’s underworld.

The Matches Malone identity may not be Batman’s most visually exciting Batsuit, but it is a useful one, and almost certainly his most impressive.


8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes

Beginning in 1999 as an animated TV show, “Batman Beyond” was a cyberpunk take on the Batman mythos created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett. Set in the distant alternate future of 2039 where an elderly Bruce Wayne had retired, the mantle of Batman was taken up by teenager Terry McGinnis. With guidance from Wayne, McGinnis fought new enemies such as the shape-shifting Inque, the master of sound Shriek and older versions of Mister Freeze and the Joker.

Even though McGinnis’ batsuit was created by Wayne in 2019, it was still considered cutting-edge in 2039. Instead of relying on a plane, the Batman Beyond batsuit had its own wings and limited flight capabilities, as well as weapons such as retractable claws, projectile batarangs and grappling guns. It also worked as an exoskeleton to enhance the wearer’s strength and speed. One major feature was the suit’s cloaking ability, allowing Batman to become invisible to the naked eye. Even more amazing, the suit was still flexible as regular cloth.

6.Batman The Dark Knight Rises Cosplay Costume

8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes

The Dark Knight Rises movie is primarily known for Bane, a new Bat cave, and a bad little kitty otherwise known as Selina Kyle. It’s a great flick and its corresponding cosplay costume is quite sharp too. This Batman cosplay costume features an ensemble fit with a floor-length black cloak, black jacket, and pants with molded chest, helmet with bat ears and so on. Rock the Robin look in this high replica of Batsuit and be ready for a fight if you run into the Batman! You will like the way it looks.


8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes

Taking its cues from the Dark Knight Returns, Ben Affleck’s Batsuit is notable less for its design (although it does look good) but rather for being the most comic-book accurate suit since Adam West’s. The first time in a movie we’ve seen Batman wear anything but rubber and armor plates, Batfleck looks like Frank Miller’s Batman come to life.

And talking of the future – special mention goes out to Dawn of Justice’s Knightmare suit, featuring a trenchcoat-and-goggles wearing Batman in the film’s most visually striking sequence. Say what you like about Snyder, but he knows how to make the Bat look good.


8 Best Batman Cosplay Costumes

One of the most influential writers or illustrators to work on Batman, Frank Miller helped recreate Batman and his Batsuits in ways that both paid homage to the ones that came before while also giving us something new.  The regular Dark Knight Returns suit is a great adaptation of the classic Batsuit. It has a lot of the same colors and functionality, but with an enlarged Bat-symbol on the chest. This Batsuit harkened back to the classic suit and made readers feel the age of this older, grizzled Batman. It gave us a sense of legacy, while also showing us how much Batman has aged visually.

But the mech-suit that Batman constructs in order to take on Superman has gone down in history as one of Batman’s most badass inventions. For a man with so many gadgets and tricks up his sleeve, the Kryptonite-lined, armored suit has got to be one of the best. Despite not having the iconic Bat-symbol, it does have a similar cowl, cape and utility belt.

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