Hey girls! As we all know that Green Arrow is one of the popular TV Show those years and the characters’ cosplay in this TV drama are also very welcomed by many cosplayers,especially Black Canary,her outfit is an amazing choice for pretty girls! Fortunately, cosplay Luarel Lance is not as hard as you may think.Today we are going to show you a easy guide for Black Canary Cosplay costume.Are you ready?

There are some thing you may need to prepare before start:

  • Black body suit
  • Short black jacket
  • Black Fishnet stockings
  • All black Kinky Boots
  • Black mask
  • Yellow wigs ( optional )

Here we provide you a video from Nicole Walters,she will teach you how to cosplay Black Canary in a few minutes!

But if you prefer the original Black Canary look,you’d better buy the costume from professional cosplay costume online store.xcoos is a very smart choice.The cosplay costumes tailor made in there are accurate designed according to the movie version with movie quality. You will look 100% like Luarel Lance in this way.Now dress  up as Black Canary and prepare to meet the comic cons in 2017.



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