These are super amazing Final Fantasy XIII FF13 Lightning cosplay tutorial,which are from Ruby-Hime!If you have been looking at different ways to make armor, and this will be your favorite Final Fantasy cosplay tutorial,super helpful for beginners!And you can use this type of craft on other cosplay armor as well.

How to make Lightning cosplay armor?

I started the Lightning cosplay armor by making a wire frame that had the general shape I wanted.I used my own body to help shape it to fit me just right.Utility wire and hot glue.And the wires I use are 9 guage galvanized Multi-purpose wire.It’s pretty heavy duty wire and was a pain to cut with normal wire cutters and manipulate into the shapes I wanted.But with it being heavy duty it’s also proven to be quite durable.

From there I proceeded to glue Raitoningu cosplay pieces of cardstock paper over the frame…

After gluing all the paper I cut and glued pieces of craft foam for the raised areas.And the grey stuff is craft foam,I think it was 2mm thickness there,cheap to buy from any craft store in 11×12 sheets.

For the bird part of the Lightning cosplay armor,I made a pattern on cardstock and traced ot on craft foam then glued the pieces together.I did not attach the bird to the armor until after painting.

For the round thingies of the Lightning armor,I just cut out a round piece of poster board,glued a small piece of foam in the middle then a large round one over it to give it a raised effect.Then cut the pointy parts and glued them.

Finished the piece,spray painted silver.Gold pieces were glued on after sprat painting.I realized I didn’t take pictures during the neck piece…I took a piece of poster board,glued foam over it and added foam for the raised parts.There’s a wire along the middle inside to help keep it shaped.

How to make Lightning Armlets?

I started with making pattern outlines for each layer,4 in total.I figured the largest measurement by measuring from just above my elbow to just below my wrist,each layer down gets slightly smaller than the one above it.

After making a pattern for each layer I cut them out and traced them onto premium poster board,2 of each size.I made the visible crease down the middle by very slightly cutting into the back side of each piece and folding along the cut.

I hot glued each layer together form top to bottom while using my arm as a sort of mold to get it curved just enough.I also glued a short utility wire underneath to help it keep it’s shape/For the raised section at the points I did a lot of guess work and just cut paper in shapes that looked right and glued them on…

For the parts near the elbow of Final Fantasy Lightning armlets,I just cut out a rectangular price,slightly wider than the top well as 4 extra strips to make the smaller raised parts and glued them all on.

For the spikes..I started with 2 wired going down the middle of each for a base. As for the paper.I just cut pieces of poster board for most of it and craft foam,grey,by eye…Unfortunately I can’t help more than that.They were trial and error and headaches for me.

The finished Final Fantasy Lightning armlets were primed and spray painted silver

Final words

And if you want to make your own Final Fantasy XIII FF13 Lightning sword as well,here is a very helpful resources for you.

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