Wonder Woman,or Diana Prince is so popular those days in 2017.And I bet there will be a lot of Wonder Woman in this year Comic-Cons.So if you want to cosplay Diana as well,you need to consider that how to stand out among the numerous Wonder Women.

Luckily,here we sort out some very good Gal Gadot cosplay tutorials for you,like how to make your own armor,Bracelets,Crown and so on.Just follow the amazing Wonder Woman cosplay tutorial,you will shine in the Comic-cons! Here we have provide the Gal Gadot version of Wonder Woman cosplay costume for you,first you need to know what you need to make for your Amazon Prince cosplay:

The Gal Gadot version cosplay Staff

If you are not good at sewing,don’t worry.There is no need to sew staff to put the Gal Gadot costume together.But you’d better prepare everything you need in advance: Supply list includes:

  1. Wonder Woman classic cosplay armor – Take your own measurements first.
  2. Gladiator Skirt – This may need some sewing skills
  3. Wonder Woman Cosplay Crown – Very easy way to make by your own
  4. Amazon Diana cosplay Shield
  5. Diana Prince cosplay sword

The Gal Gadot version cosplay tutorial

Now if you get a few craft skills and you’d like to flex them on the Wonder Woman cosplay,Let’s do it! These are very great tutorials for her cosplay staff,just follow the step and you will be the best level!

Make your own Wonder Woman cosplay armor

This Gal tutorial may need a lot of materials and tools,it looks difficult to make your own one.But if you take your time and plan right,it’s also easy to make.So if you are a beginner,just follow the video and have a try! What you need to prepare:

  1. Mask tape
  2. A nice sharp pair of scissor
  3. Yoga mat and 2mm craft foam – About $25
  4. Marking pen and cutter knife
  5. Contact cement
  6. Boobie cups and black worbla – form it around a 6” styrofoam ball,about $40
  7. Blow dryer – make sure it’s on low heat so worbla doesn’t melt
  8. One long zipper – You can use contact cement to glue the zipper as well
  9. A hot soldering iron – weather your corset to make it look more natural
  10. Plasti Dip – Once it’s dry spray it with black paint primer
  11. Brush and paints – Golden Acrylics about $15

Details to remember:

  • Always wear your respirator as this glue can be toxic.
  • And when you are painting,remember to increase the highlights and add more bronze to the edges.

Wonder Woman Cosplay Crown tutorial

Now we start to make the Diana Crown part.It’s the Gal Gadot film version crown and you can learn how to craft everything and record with this amazing tutorial! Cosplay materials you need to prepare:

  1. Worbla & Heat gun
  2. 2MM craft foam
  3. craft knife
  4. hot glue
  5. plastic-dip (for sealing)
  6. Rub and buff (gold)
  7. Black and white acrylic
  8. Foam and regular brushes
  9. 1/4” Elastic Tools to smooth worbla

Details to remember:

  • Remember to use a heat gun instead of a hair dryer.Heat gun is more effective,a hair dryer takes much longer.

Wonder Woman Cosplay Gladiator Skirt

This is a Step-by-step cosplay tutorial process as well on how to make your Wonder Woman Gladiator skirt inspired by the look of Gal Gadot’s Wonder woman costume in the movie Batman V superman. Wish you love this tutorial and can follow the steps to make your own one! Cosplay materials you need to prepare:

  1. Blue pleather you can purchase from a local fabric store
  2. Sewing machine – Equipped with a ballpoint needle
  3. A lot of pins

How to add the elastic part around the waist?

Danna Silva after you sew the material over where the elastic is going you want to first stretch it around your waist to get the measurement to make sure it slides over your legs also. then cut it and place a large safety pin to the end of the elastic and feed it through your skirt. But make sure the other end is secure and it doesn’t go in. Then put both sides together and sew it back n forth about 5 or 6 times so it doesn’t come loose. Then just sew the opening down so it looks like the same pattern around.

How many yards of fabric did you use?

It took about 1 and a half yards of fabric.

Wonder Woman Cosplay Shield tutorial

A step by step tutorial on how to put together your GiveWave Studios Diana Prince Shield DIY kit … Cheers!But it’s a little complex so if you don’t have the time to make your own one,just buy these cool shield online. Cosplay materials you need to prepare:

  1. One plastic shield with some fiberglass resin- purchase online
  2. Fiberglass resin
  3. Some fiberglass matting
  4. Some disposable brushes and cups
  5. Resin hardener
  6. Super/gorilla glue
  7. Wider foam brush

Details to remember:

  • Mix some bondo and some fiberglass resin with some hardener,and please make sure that you wear a respirator and gloves when doing this
  • Remember to swirl it around and this is going to make the Wonder Woman cosplay Sword even stronger – This will add a little bit of weight to it.

Wonder Woman Cosplay Sword tutorial

Finally got the chance to finish editing this! Here’s a quick process video of how I made my Diana Prince cosplay Sword. I wasn’t able to record the entire process, however hopefully it still helps some of you! 🙂 Cosplay materials you need to prepare:

  1. EVA foam
  2. A mouse sander
  3. A scaleplate – Make sure you draw a guide line first before cutting
  4. Cutter knife
  5. A dremel – Add more detailing
  6. A piece of paper and a pen
  7. Hot glue
  8. Black worbla – Strengthen your entire sword all together
  9. A sculpting tool – Engrave the detailing
  10. Acrylics – Paint the entire sword with acrylics

Details to remember:

  • Black worbla works best for this method because the details show well.
  • Seal your paint after it’s dry as well using clear coat

Final Words

There are all very helpful Wonder Woman cosplay tutorial,some of them may need to prepare a lot of materials and tools.So you can follow the amazing cosplay tutorial to make you own one if you have enough time.Or maybe you can find the original look Diana cosplay costume in xcoos.com. They do provide movie quality Gal costume with very fast shipping.Comment below to gain a big discount code:)

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