Robin is one of the DC superhero from Batman,and he is also the best partner of Bruce Wayne.If your friend want to cosplay Batman in the coming comic con in 2017,Robin cosplay is a great choice for you.And if you already make your decision you should prepare everything related to Robin costume.In this article we have a Robin cosplay tutorial for you on how to make everything settled.

Firstly, you need to prepare the cool Robin cosplay mask.Here are some step-by-step tutorial for you:

Step 1:Gathering Cosplay Material

To make your own Robin mask, you need the following materials:

  • 1x sheet of worbla’s Finest Art
  • 1x sheet of paper and crafting foam
  • Sandpaper
  • Hair dryer
  • 1x jar of acrylic paint in the colour of your choice
  • Trandparent varnish

Step 2: Creating a stencil of Robin cosplay mask

Take the easy way out:Go on google and look for some Robin cosplay mask stencils.There are plenty out there!Choose the stencil you like best,print it and cut it out.Try it on and adjust the shape of the mask if necessary.

Tips:Prepare a second stencil out of crafting foam and press it to your face.Crafting foam is more flexible than normal paper and gives you a better impression of what your Boy Wonder mask will look like.A stencil out of crafting foam makes the adjusting of the shape much easier as well.

Step 3: Cutting out the basic form

As soon as you’re content with the way your stencil looks,copy it onto the sheets of worbla’s Finest Art and cut it out.Round the edges of the cosplay mask with sandpaper.

Step 4: Shaping of the plastic

After the basic form of Robin mask is finished, you can proceed to the most difficult step – the shaping of the plastic.

Place the cut-out plastic on the floor and heat it up with a hair dryer slowly.You know worbla’s finest art is ready to use as soon as it changes its color from caramel to light brown.

Lift the warmed up plastic off the ground carefully,place it on your face and press it into shape.Keep the Boy Wonder cosplay mask on for about 1 minute until the plastic has cooled down again.After this step the mask basically finished.

Tips :In case that you are not happy with the shape of your Robin mask, place it on the floor and hear it up again.You can change the shape of the mask as many times as you want to.

Step 5: Paintwork of Robin mask

After the shaping of your Wonder Boy cosplay mask is done the only thing left to do is the painting.Depending on the colour of your choice you will have to apply between 2-5 layers of paint.

Make sure to use acrylic paint/varnish!Poster paint will chip off.After the acrylic paint is dry apply 1-2 layers of transparent varnish to make Robin mask look shiny and cool.

At last,congratulations!Your superhero mask is now finished!I really hope you found this tutorial helpful.If you make your superhero mask using this tutorial,please let me and I’d like to see your fantastic work.

Secondly, after you finished the diy part,you may need to prepare the most important part – Robin cosplay costume.

So where is the best online store for you to buy movie quality Robin costume?

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