Hello, I’m Pugoffka, sometimes known by my given name Elena.I have been doing cosplay shoots for five years now. I’m also an avid cosplay participant, but I enjoy photography more. I’d like to impart some important advice which I have gained through all the experience that I’ve gained throughout these years. I hope you’ll find it interesting and useful. In the working shop, we’ll deal with these topics:As a photographer of both cosplay and non-cosplay photo shoots, I have seen my share of good and bad preparation.Through prior knowledge, I have narrowed down a selection of key tips that will make for a fun and smooth photo shoot.

1.Know your character inside out

Let’s begin with the photo shoot preparations. The first step is tochoose a Character you understand. It seems kind of obvious, but not everyone does this. A lot of people choose characters which are popular but not necessarily ones that they really love. The love and personal investment in the character is evident in your cosplay and will inspireyou to give it your all.

I love the character “Evie Fry” from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: She intrigued me and I grew to care for her. If I didn’t love the character then it would have shown up as sloppier workmanship or lack of detail. Knowing about your character will help you connect with the cosplay and, when at a Con, you will be able to move and talk like them thus adding another layer to the outfit. Just love who you are and what you do, basically.

2.Talk, Talk and Talk

So, you have finally scheduled yourself a photo shoot with a photographer, either through emails, phone calls, or texts. Here are a few points to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page.

  • Scheduling
    Keep in regular contact with your photographer. Depending on when you schedule the photo shoot, you may find that you need to change the date, the time, even the cosplay you planned on wearing. Make sure to keep your photographer informed if something has come up to give you and the photographer time to reschedule.
  • Timing
    I cannot stress enough about time. What time of day are you planning to meet? Did you pick 2 o’clock? Or was it 1 o’clock? Make sure you absolutely know what time you planned on meeting the photographer. Depending on the day, that photographer may have multiple appointments and need to stick to the schedule down to the minute. Being late to a photo shoot can put a rush on both participants depending on what you have planned.

3. Locate your character.

To choose the place for the shoot. You have to decide where you want to work – indoors, on the street or in a studio with the equipment. If you prefer an outdoors shoot, you have to determine the time of day when you’ll start and finish the shoot. The photographer will choose the additional light depending on that, so it is necessary to talk through.

The locations for the photo shoots don’t necessarily have to be nearby. Many times I’ve had to go to the countryside and even to other cities to find a perfect location, close to the original source’s style (canon). If you can’t figure out where to shoot your cosplay, try searching for some ideas on the Internet. There are many themed web-sites that could help you find some abandoned buildings, historical places, beautiful landscapes. Make sure that your chosen location’s style fits to your fandom’s backgrounds. Everything in the shot needs to look logical. For example, let’s take a look at my recent photographs of the now-popular fandom “Attack on Titan”. We did the shoot at various locations. Our main task was to find a wall. What you see on the picture is a ruined theater. We also wanted to add something special, so we went to a horse club and shot the half of the shoot with horses. When working with another guys, we went to an old hospital.  And then finished the shoot in a forest with special effects. But we’ll get to this last part later.

If you don’t have any similar locations in view, try to be creative. You can use a normal old brick wall. And, in my opinion, the older and dirtier the wall is, the better it will look. Choose the style of your photo shoot, based on the location.. Decide if it will be funny or sad, if it is a love story. Maybe you want it to have its own plot – in that case you have to prepare a storyboard, to leave no place for holdbacks or thoughts on “what to shoot next”. Though following a strict plan isn’t always such a good thing. Many times we managed to create a much more interesting material by improvising and not sticking to our plans.

Always think of these befoe you start the shoot.

  • A safe place. Make sure you are in a safe area, not too remote,too dangerous.
  • You’d better have a restroom.Having to go to the restroom will most likely happen at the most inconvenient times, like in the middle of a photo shoot. Be prepared and already be close to a restroom. Plus, it helps if there are multiple costume changes that need to take place. 

4.Professional pose and make-up

  • Make-up

 No cosplay is complete without the proper make-up, hair piece, wig, prop, or accessory. Everything down to the eye color of the character can bring any cosplay to the next level.TO avoid to be impractical,I’ll recommend a website for you about how to make up .

  • Pose

For me the hardest is making photos with good posture. You have to look not only for hands and head, like in portrait, but for the full body, it’s angle, position of legs. Than look at the costume, and only then make a picture.

5.Make it Perfect.

 Don’t forget to photoshop your photography for better behavior.You can sometimes add nice effects with the color or brightness of the picture to make it more exotic before sending them over to us, and that makes your job a lot easier when it comes to uploading them to the internet.

If you’re taking your own photos or have a photographer that won’t be including any effects (like a family member who is unwillingly dragged into taking pictures for you), you can either add effects or just leave the photos as they are. Effects aren’t necessary, but they oftentimes make the photo crisper and more professional. A program that works well with editing photos is Photoshop. It can be an expensive program to purchase, but will be well worth your time if you’re serious about your cosplaying photography.

If you don’t know how to use photoshop to edit your photos.you may ask a professional photographer to help you to edit it, or you may find some guide in the Internet to help you to edit your photos,or you can use some tools that is easier for you to edit.

So here we are getting to the end. Of course cosplay, cosplay photosets – this is primarily a hobby that brings us fun.I love characters. I love cosplay. I hope I imparted some of that love and interest to you today d, if you weren’t already into cosplay, that I sparked something in you. The boundaries are limitless. The fun is bountiful. Trust me, once you really get into the trenches of cosplay and feel your hands creating fictional characters in the real world, all the work and hours on Youtube will be worth it. Cosplay is amazing, my friends. It’s not just for the hardcore fan’s or the “real fans” (Gosh I hate that term), it’s for everyone. If you’ve ever wanted to inhabit a character or walk for a mile in some fictional shoes, cosplay is the way to.

I’m against any rules and limits in the photo. But there are things that are better not to do because experience has shown more than once that it does not look good on the pictures if you do not believe the experience of other photographers you can do to try and experiment . After all of this can get something radically new.

Remember that not everything is going to be perfect for the first time. Sometimes you have to get used to the photographer. And if you feel uncomfortable it will be very noticeable in the photo. Do not stop after the first time. Try again and again. Sooner or later you’ll surprise your friends and yourself with beautiful photos.

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