In this Himiko Toga cosplay tutorial, I will show you how to make cosplay by yourself. Only a few simple steps, you can make your best cosplay costume.

If you have seen the anime My Hero Academia, you will definitely be impressed by this character. Himiko Toga is a major supporting character and a member of the League of Villains, And also Himiko Toga costume is the cutest costume all teenager girls would be crazy about!

In her villain attire, she is wearing her usual outfit with a few gadgets and accessories, such as a large scarf with a print that resembles the teeth of a carnivore, a mask that covers half of her face, and many canisters with needles on top to suck the blood out of people. There are also a few knives she has secured to her thighs with leg-straps as well as a utility belt wrapped around her waist.

Back to the point, this article will offer all the fans of Himiko Toga who want to cosplay as her style with an easy and cheap tutorial to make this Himiko Toga cosplay costume, which includes all the gadgets and accessories from the hair to the boots.

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Let’s start from the top then!

Step 1: Make Himiko Toga cosplay WIG 

Things you need to prepare: If you happened to have a blonde wig,congratulations!There is an easy way to turn your original wig into Himiko Toga wig. If you haven’t got, we have a 100% replica here.

  1. Comb the wigs neatly and soaking it in fabric softener for a while. Air-dry your wig, fix it on the wig head.
  2. Prepare some bobby pins to fix your hair half as the video shown. Twist the tail and to make it look like buns.
  3. Use some super strong hairspray and make sure the pigtails are super coated in it. When you are wearing them, trim bangs on wigs to make it perfect for you.

Step 2: Himiko Toga cosplay GAS MASK

Things you need to prepare: Worbla, 1/4″ plastic piping, black and white spray paint, metallic silver paint, and 1/2″ black elastic. (You can also use crafting foam rather than Worbla or this aquarium plastic piping that we’ll use later.) Or, buy your self a super exquisite mask at a reasonable price, just click here to shop.

  1. Make a pattern for the mask using the saran wrap and painters tape method. Cut your pattern in half and choose one side which looks better. Then cut onto your foam or thermo-plastic with its mirror image as well.
  2. Cover it with black painting.
  3. Use a hot knife to poke holes after it’s cooled.
  4. Cut out some of your piping and squish it in. When it cool, glue it and trim the pipes then paint. 
  5. After painting and sealing, then adjust it to whatever is most comfortable for you!

Step 3: Himiko Toga cosplay SCARF

Things you need to prepare : black fleece (or another matte-ish, thick material), iron-on backing (or foam), needle and black thread, thick crafting foam, worbla (optional), white acrylic paint, Tacky glue or hot glue gun, black magnets, and maybe some air dry clay and spackle.

If this step is a tough one for you, we have prepared a well-made scarf for you, link here.

  1. Put the backing on first,cut fleece according to your shoulder size( I cut 20″ x 40″ of fleece for myself)
  2. Cut out the shapes of your teeth with foam. 4 large ones, 8medium ones, 4 small ones, and 6 canines. ( I was using thinner foam and gluing it together, so I put worbla on top to give it a smoother shape.)
  3. Let dry, sand, apply spackle in the cracks, dry again, sand again, then prime and paint along with your other teeth.
  4. After they’re all primed, painted, and sealed, you can use either tacky glue or a hot glue gun to stick them onto your fabric.  
  5. But we cannot sew it up yet, we will explain later.

Step 4: Himiko Toga cosplay BLOOD DRAIN MACHINE

This is the most completed part of the whole tutorial, and we got high-quality blood drain machine for you too, please feel free to shop if you need. Order here.

Things you need to prepare:

  • Dark green, metallic silver, black and red paint
  •  Six 60 ml syringes
  • Hot knife
  • Plastic model glue or hot glue gun or another strong glue
  • Silicone tubing for aquariums
  • Thin and thicker craft foam
  • A belt or a thick elastic
  • Two boxes
  • Two large bottles
  • Strong small-ish magnets

  1. Pull the black rubber ends off of the syringes which you will use it later. Using your hot knife cut off the finger hold handle things from the syringes. Sand, prime, and paint silver.
  2. Cut your thin foam to cover about half of the syringes. (Do not forget to get a bit of the dark green paint the outside ends and the edges!)
  3. Cut your tubing into six pieces, you can trim them down later. Use an exacto knife to make a hole for your tubing. Glue inside, then stick your black rubber ends back in the syringes, and add glue to make sure that stick too!
  4. Stick your little green covers and glue those into place as well. Then cut out some thick black foam and glue these down together on the foam. 
  5. Take your magnets and reach into your scarf, gluing them to the inside. Take the other two and glue them to the inside of syringe. When you’ll have a prop that clicks back into place, sew up your scarf now!

Things you need to prepare:

Sand, prime, and paint your two acrylic boxes and large bottles.

  1. Using some thinner foam cut out 8 small squares for each box totaling at 16, glue these onto your boxes. 
  2. Cut your bottles, then cut another small circle which will host three green tubes from each of the syringes on either side.
  3. Cut and sanded these out of craft foam, sealed a million times with mod podge and painted them the same color

Step 5: Prepare the Himiko Toga cosplay SAILOR FUKU and SHOES

I bought a navy blue sailor uniform, red handkerchief, tan cardigan, and altered it a little bit! If you have any long black boot, or black leather shoes match with long black sock both ok.

If you don’t have the sailor uniform, you can buy it with a big discount now,  just click here to shop.

In fact, you do not need to prepare everything as we referred, any parts you can find on your hand or something waste can also be fully utilized. Several steps will involve using scissors and sharp knives. Please pay attention to your safety! When you painting, you can wear disposable gloves to protect your hands.Now.all done, you can dress it up and cosplay as Himiko Toga!

Is it really very cool just like Himiko Toga coming out from the screen, right? haha…

If you are not good at doing manual work or you think this is a complicated or waste-time job, you can buy the Himiko Toga costume online in Xcoos.  Xcoos is an online custom tailored cosplay costumes retailer who provides you with movie costume, game costume, anime costume and TV Drama costume in fashion styles and professional designs. In addition, all the items are handmade with high-quality materials and reasonable prices.  Himiko Toga cosplay costume and accessories are on sale at a good price now, do not miss the chance!

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