Want to be like Supergirl in the upcoming party or event? Then here we are presenting you the essential information that you need to be like her. Supergirl is the most attractive girl in her town; her killer looks are more deadly than her superpowers. She is one of the most lovable female Superhero ever introduced. Supergirl is stylish, classy, intelligent, sexy, and sizzling, but above all, she has all the power of Superman. After watching the Supergirl series, most of the girls want to dress up like her for Halloween party or comic-con. The Supergirl cosplay costume is crafted just like her personality. If you are one of the fans of Supergirl than go through this DC Superhero Supergirl Cosplay Tutorial, and you will get all the things you need to get up like your favorite superheroine. Let’s start from the beginning!

If your sewing abilities are not very well, we highly recommend you find a tight short sleeve, a red short skirt and a supergirl S logo, then all you need to do is sewing the logo onto the front of your shirt, using a golden belt to combine your shirt with skirt, then add a red cape. It is quite easy, right? But if you want to DIY all the parts by hands, it will be more complicated but economical. Also, you can add some creative idea to it if you want.

How To DIY The Supergirl S Logo

If you can buy the S logo locally, then it will be much easier to complete this Supergirl superhero costume, you just need to sew it on your blue shirt. But if you want to do it yourself, just follow this instruction below and start up with your hands!

Step 1: Created a prototype logo out of paper, then taped the design onto the fabric using masking tape.

Step 2: Started with the red paint, each paint layer needed to be sealed before the next could go on, and it took about 5 layers to make the red really pop on the blue fabric.

Step 3: Once this was done and sealed, use yellow paint for the outside part.

How To DIY The Supergirl Cosplay Top Shirt

If you are good at sewing, why not try to use some red, blue and golden cloth to custom-made your own Supergirl Cosplay Costume. It is cheap and interesting! Here are some easy step for your reference:

Step 1: Make the pattern by measuring your bust, waist, and hip and drawing up the pieces. The top part of this Supergirl costume is pretty simple.

Tips: Make sure using stretch materials since we need to put a zipper in the outfit!

Step 2: Cut out the pieces, and pin the fabric!

Tips: Make sure your front and back are both cuts on folds so you don’t end up with any unnecessary seam-lines! I’ll also be cutting the bottom of my sleeves on a fold to prevent any showing stitches.

Step 3: Pin and sew the shoulders together! Once the shoulders are pinned together, it’s time to sew!

Tips: we highly recommend using a stretch thread!

Step 4: Add the sleeves. Make sure your fabric is facing the right way, pin each sleeve to each shoulder, and sew it.

Step 5: Add your Supergirl S Logo, these can be bought in many different sizes online! ( we used seven inches, it fits well )

Step 6: Now it’s time to add the collar! How it’s shaped is up to you and your preference.

Tips: You can figure out the design of your collar by tracing the neckline onto newspaper and going from there.

Step 7: Cut out two of the same shape and pin them together to avoid showing stitches. Only pin and sew the bottom of the pieces together so you can flip them right-side out from the top.

Step 8: Attach it to the shirt. You’ll be pinning it down to the inside of the collar so when you flip it down, you can’t see where it’s attached.

How To DIY The Supergirl Cosplay Cape

Step 1: The shape of your cape is up to you. Once you’ve decided on the shape of your cape, please cut out two pieces!

Step 2: Measure your teeny-tiny shoulders and cut out a shoulder/neckline.

Step 3: Sew the two pieces together. Place the fabric right side in, pin, and sew!

Step 4: Flip them right side out and attach them to the shirt!

Tips: If your shoulder pieces are too long, add pleating to make them fit between the collar and the shoulders.

Step 5: Attach the sides of the shirt together! Place the pieces right side in, pin, and sew!

Tips: Be careful not to accidentally pin or sew the cape.

How To DIY The Gold Trim?

Step 1: Try on your shirt and mark the shape you want the bottom to be.

Step 2: Make your trim once you have the final shape of the bottom of your shirt cut out.To do this, we traced the new outline of the shirt onto the previously existing pattern piece and then measured about two inches to make the trim.

Step 3: Attach the sides of your trim together, and then pin and sew them down against the bottom of your shirt.

How to DIY the Supergirl Cosplay skirt?

Step 1: Cut out a circle at the center of the skirt

Step 2: Place the bottom of your shirt over the center and mark what the new shape needs to be.Then cut it out and begin pinning the two pieces together. Make sure the pieces match up perfectly before sewing.

How about Supergirl Cosplay Boots

Any red sneakers, high heels, boots are perfect to match with your Supergirl cosplay costume.

And these are everything you need to know about how to DIY a DC Superhero Girls style Supergirl costume!

Hopefully, this will help you to build your own Supergirl Halloween costume. But if you think this tutorial is too difficult and time-wasted , don’t worry, you can just place the order at Xcoos.com. All our cospay costume are hand made by high-quality material and designed from the original version of the movie characters. Thousands of cosplay costumes available for your choice, custom-made service is also provided for free. If you have any future needs or concerns, please feel free to contact us by us: [email protected]






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