Overwatch has taken the world by storm. As expected, cosplayers have taken advantage of the impressive roster of over 24 characters and have made some impressive costumes out of them.Among all the characters ,D.va is undoubtedly the most popular character.As a cosplayer,the pursuit of a high degree of authenticity is always our desire.Today,we will talk about how to DIY D.va Gun which is her important weapon.

It is quite an excting thing because you can use your gun to fight with other characters in Overwatch,such as Mei,Tracer,etc.That is just a joke ,but having a fancy DIY D.va Gun will make your cosplay project more real.Maybe you could show it off with your partner in the next cons.

D.va cosplay

















Here is the general guide for you!

1.Take picture of D.va Gun,and draw it on paper.Remember don’t miss out each detail.You could download my Draft directly.

D.va Gun

break down the structure of the draft, you may see the picture below:

D.va gun

2.Pencil each part onto the pvc sheets and cut it off.You should concentrate on this step.

D.va gun cosplayD.va gun cosplay

And the base, to get the thickness, duplicate the pvc patterns and glue them together.Remember to keep them strong.or the gun will broke up easily!

D.va gun cosplayD.va gun cosplay

Attention: It is not easy to cut pvc materials, and you need to polish all the edges.Then assemble all pieces together, it is getting in general shape.Be careful not to be injured!

D.va gun cosplay

3.Cut and glue them on.

It is still far from finishing , you can compare it to the official design.Now take care of the small decorative pieces,don’t miss out it.

D.va gun cosplayD.va gun cosplay

Then you shoule cut and glue them on, we are gettting closer slowly.It looks great really!

D.va gun cosplay

Attention:Pay attention to the size and whereabouts of each piece.Or you will

D.va gun DIYDIY D.va gun

4.Finish the project!You can add light to it or use an eva strip and paint it green.

There is how the gun finally turns out to be,enjoy the joy of accomplishing a great work of art now:

DIY D.va gun

Now we have finish our D.va Gun project,so nice isn’t it?To be frank,making a D.va  Gun is not a very tough thing,all we need is patience. DIY is not a matter of minutes,and we need make it with our patience,enjoy the process!diy cosplay

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