I believe many cosplay fans all have ever the same problems —— “How to find a cosplay partner?”, cause as the saying goes,”sharing your happiness is much better than enjoying your happiness by your own”, in my opinion, the culture of making friend is an important and distinctive part of copslay cuture, and sometimes, finding a nice pal in the same camp can really be a great blessing of our life. So today in this article I’m going to share five methods on “How to find a great cosplay partner”, and i hope you can gain something.

1. Join the cosplay cons

Easiest way to make new partners: Cosplay cons. A lot of cosplayers will be there as you, just chat with them about anime/movie/game/whatever you are good at. I met my cosplay partner from cosplay gatherings. : ) I join cosplay groups on the convention, and it’s easier to talk to the cosplayers involved.

A confidence booster is definitely to cosplay your favorite character/fashion. You can buy high quality and affordable cosplay costume on XCOOS, a online shop which hammers at providing costumes everyone likes. When you feel good about your costume, it shows! Look at people that seem interesting. Talk to them about neutral issues, like their costume or the weather. Hang around with them if they are nice. And make yourself more interesting than what you actually are.Outgoing personality is always attractive, so just to be that person the entire time. Asking for photos is one of the absolute best ways to make friends at a con! It’s actually pretty difficult to be shy at a convention, at least in my own experience. I’ve always been ridiculously shy: I don’t talk to people, so every friend I’ve made has started talking to me, not the other way around.

You have to talk to people–it’s impossible to resist. You have to run up and say, “Oh my god can I get a picture of you?” and all sorts of other things. It always works.

Besides being the cospalyer to attend the cons,you could also choose to be a volunteer or staff of comic cons.

2. Cosplay Forum

Yоu also саn get a реrfесt partner from the fоllоwіng рlаtfоrm:

  • cosplay.com – There are so many cosplay users everyday to visit the website.Their forum аllоwѕ cosplayer mееt еасh оthеr from аrоund the wоrld.But read the rules of the forum before you start.

  • eurocosplay.com – EuroCosplay ѕееk tо raise thе рrоfіlе of соѕрlау асrоѕѕ Eurоре and іnѕріrе сurrеnt аnd future cosplayers, ѕtrеngthеnіng thе соѕрlау community. Thеу рrоmоtе EurоCоѕрlау Chаmріоnѕhірѕ whісh are organised bу cosplayers аnd MCM wіth a ѕtrоng focus on craftsmanship. Quаlіfуіng cosplayers receive frее аdmіѕѕіоn to thе London MCM Cоmіс Cоn, аѕ wеll as hаvіng thеіr accommodation аnd travel costs раіd.

There are special zones for you to seek cosplayer. Those forums can help you find cosplayers or groups in your area or going to the same cons as you. You can also use those forums to find other people who will cosplay the same series Anime/movie or Game like you. In this way, you can go to the comic convention with them as a group.Those forums are NOT for finding contact info for someone you liked the photo of. They do not allow posts asking for personal contact info here. It’s not that sort of “seeking” a cosplayer.

3. Social media like facebook,twitter,pinterest,instagram.

There are so many cosplay groups for you to join.You can try to join them.One of the important thing is that you can chat with them online, it’s helpful. You can talk in details and know each other better.

  • Cosplay Circle Public Group
  • Cosplay Utah
  • Cosplay Hangout Group

cosplay social media

For instance,My friend Tom have been a solo cosplayer since 2009. There are few people who like to cosplay in the town, but he found a Facebook page for cosplayers near his area, and he now has several friends and meetups and photoshoots planned. It will be his first group cosplays starting in 2016…so don’t fret, you’ll find someone. I recommend social media, start there.

Besides,twitter,pinterest and instagram may also be helpful to you to find partners. By the way, actually you can also follow our Xcoos’s official facebook account to find more partners in the same camp. In a word, there are so many cosplayers gather online to share their ideas or their beautiful photography, let go of your shyness and join them.

4.Meet up

Meet up is an website to get friends,there are 168,000 members here ,and they organize many meetings there!You could meet other local costume players to talk about the art of cosplay: making yourself look like you don’t belong in this reality.There are also other topics such as games,sports,etc,you could join it if you are willing to!

cosplay meet up

cosplay meet up


5. Interactive Quiz Platform like quora,yahoo answer

You can ask question at the platform such as quora and yahoo answer,but the mission success rate is a little low,also you could talk more topic about cosplay with others there!

cosplay partner

At last, you need to decide whether the partner you choose is credible. Partners are a dime a dozen, but true partners are something far rare, and far more rewarding. To identify whether a cosplay partner is perfect is a tough thing. From his words and deeds, to determine whether the values are consistent. Let time to test it!

All in all, no matter what kind of way you choose, i sincerely hope you can find a great cosplay partner and enjoy happiness cosplay brings to you. By the way, if you find him/she, and get on well with each other, why not have a try on couple cosplay? If you become interested in couple cosplay right now, just select some costume you both like on XCOOS.com, then have a fun!

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