One of the cosplay thing people like to ask is how I manage to the paint cosplay props so clean looking.So here I am to make a cosplay tutorial to show how I do that.It’s very useful and you can follow this 4 steps while spray painting RWBY cosplay sword,or Devil May Cry cosplay broadsword especially if you are painting wood.

Materials you will need

  • Primer
  • Top coat
  • clear coat
  • wet or dry sandpaper(400,800 and 1000 grits)
  • Turtle max rubbing compound(to remove any scratches from wetsanding)
  • Painters tape(not pictured)
  • Blocks – to lay your props on for painting
  • Small paint brushes – not pictured
  • Compressed air – for blowing off sanding dust frpm primer and paint

Friendly Note:Notice that the primer,topcoat and clearcoat are the same brand?Make sure yours are the same brand too,but if you are using varnish it’s ok if it isn’t same.

Prepping your work

For this cosplay tutorial,I’m going to use my shuusui sword.Before you start painting,you need to prep your prop,make sure it’s sanded down nice and smooth.If there are any imperfections on the surface,put some wood filler down and then sand it down once it dried.Repeat this process until you feel it’s ready to paint.Also,wipe down your prop with a damp cloth before you paint.

Before you start painting,lay down something in your work area before you start,the spray paint will get all over the place.And remember,make sure you have proper ventilation.The stuff is toxic.You should also make sure it’s no cooler than 10°C in your work area.


Now that you are ready to go,you can start priming.Priming is necessary to provide the paint better adhesion to the surface of what you are painting.It’s mandatory for wood as it’s very porous and will just absorb the paint.Straight motions while spraying work best.And multiple light coats as opposed to one or two thick coats.You’ll run into less problems that way.

Ok so you have added your first coat of primer and it’s all dry now.You can probably still see the wood grain,filler,etc.No worries,it’s supposed to be like that.Now get out your 400 grit sandpaper and lightly send it.You don’t want to sand the primer off,just smooth it out.Once you are done that,get the compressed air and spray all the dust off your work.Now spray your work down again.Repeat the process until the wood grain,etc,is not visible anymore.

Now you have got a nice even coat,time to start painting right?Not quite yet.Lightly sand the primer smooth.You need to be especially careful to not sand the primer off.You can wetsand if you like but I didn’t for my prop.Again,get the compressed air and blow off any dust.If you wet sanded,get some paper towel and dry your prop of before continuing.


Now you can paint.If you need to another area of your prop a different colour,mask it off with the green painters tape.Make sure to get something plastic with a tapered edge and run it along the edge of the masking tape.This will help the adhesive stick and prevent paint from seeping under.Might not be a bad idea to put more tape over after each coat so the paint doesn’t become one with the tape.

As you paint,basically do the same thing you did when you primed,straight motions and light coats.

So you’ve added the first coat of paint to your prop.Obviously you will not have a nice even coat yet.Anyways check for imperfections or runs.Get your 800 grit sandpaper and lightly sand it down.You don’t want to sand down to the primer,just smooth anything out.Grab the compressed air and blow of any dust.Repeat painting until you have a nice even coat.

Now that you have a nice even coat,you can wetsand and then clear coat.Or if you have other areas of the prop to paint,you will need to mask off what you just painted.Let the paint set for at least a day before you do either though.

If there are any minor screwups in the paint job once it is all done,very lightly sand the area with your 800 grit sandpaper.Now lay a spray paint cap down and spray some paint into it.Carefully paint the area with a small paint brush.Do this until it’s fixed up.

Wet sanding

With wet sanding you are going to need nothing more coarse than 1000 grit sandpaper.Now get a cup or some kind of container and fill it with some water.Next you are going to want to get your prop wet.Now dip your sandpaper into the cup to get it all nice and wet.Lightly sand your prop.You don’t want to remove any paint,just smooth it out.Keep dipping the sandpaper into the water as you go on.If your sheet gets gunky,just use a new one.After you are done all that,get a cloth or paper towel and dry off the prop.

Now get out the rubbing compound and a rag or some paper towel.Use it to cover your work with the rubbing compound.Now rub it onto the paint.This will help get rid of any scratches left by wetsanding and even out the colour.Keep doing this until everything is all nice and smooth.Then with a different rag or piece of paper towel,rub off all the excess rubbing compound.

There will still probably be some left after this so get a damp cloth and wipe off any left behind rubbing compound.Once it’s all gone,dry off your piece of work and move on.

Clear coating

Now onto the final part.Get your clear coat.If it’s gloss,simply spray your prop with it.Once again,light coats work better.You don’t want any runs.Give it two or three more coats and you should be good.If you are not using varnish,get out your brush of choice.When dipping your brush into the varnish,make sure to wipe off any excess of the brush before you varnish.It’s very important that you use light coats if you are using varnish.You want to avoid runs at all coats,varnish runs are nasty and a pain to get rid of.Again,2 or 3 coats should do.In between coats,it’s not a bad idea to lightly sand.Use 800 grit for that.

Once all is said and done,you should have a shiny and reflective cosplay paint job.If your prop is in multiple is in multiple pieces,I’d say wait a day before putting it together just to be on the safe side.And If you finish your cosplay accessories following this tutorial and don’t know where to get your costume, has a plenty of cosplay costume to choose from. And if you DIY your own cosplay weapon using this way,please comment below and I’d love to have a look!

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