By far the most beautiful woman of all, Avengers: Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch is a very smart choice to cosplay. Pulling off the look of Wanda Maximoff will require representation of her well designed costume and smokey-eye makeup.And with so many adaptations come many Scarlet Witch costumes,today we gonna to show you the completed tutorials of movie Wanda for Halloween,just follow the detailed tutorials and you will hit at any party you go to…

Cosplayer: reysolo

Before we start,we should figure out what need to prepare:

  • Red leather jacket
  • flowy black dress
  • knee high stockings
  • Denim & Leather
  • A pair of Socks
  • Zipper
  • One scissor
  • Black
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1. Sewing the collar onto the dress

First,you need to measure the collar of the black dress,so you can make sure how long you should cut the denim fabric to match it.

Next,cut the denim fabric into a larger square according to the measurement,and make sure they will fit around the collar inside and out.At the same time,Trim the extra fabric off the denim.

Before cutting place scotch tape over the cut line as it will help to smooth the fraying edges.

Pin the denim on the collar to make sure you can process smoothly to next step.

Then,Start the hardest part:sew the two denim collars

Are you in a hurry or cannot thread a needle to save your life?Try a hot glue gun.And here is a effect picture:


Step 2. Paint the Wanda Maximoff Jacket

Figure out where you want the ombre to end and start painting from there.Then dip the eyeshadow brush into the paint and then put the paint on the prepared jacket.

Then wipe the excess paint by sponge and make the gradient effect.Slip jacket sleeves on your arm to add paint evenly and slip arm into a garbage bag first to prevent paint from getting on arm.It’s very useful way and you can use the same way to make Green Arrow Speedy and Red Arrow cosplay costume as well.

Step 2. Making the Scarlet Witch Cosplay armband

First,measure the leather fabric on your arm,pay attention: leave a little room to make sure the both of side can be connected. And since the fabric stretches,you should have extra room to add the zipper.

Then you should match the zipper with the fabric,try to have it as close as possible so you don’t see any extra fabric

Cover the zipper fabric.Then pin the leather zipper.

After make sure the Scarlet Witch armband fits you well,you can start to sew the zipper onto the leather fabric.

Here is the finished Wanda Maximoff armband,you can make another one by using the same way.By the way,you could try hot glue here as well,but if fabric is too tight,it may pop the glue.

Step 3. Making the Scarlet Witch Cosplay armband socks

First,roll the sock on your arm just make sure you know where exactly you need cut.

Only poke holes in the sock,don’t cut them.And remember to stretch the holes with your fingers,never the scissors.

Make sure the blade of scissors is facing away from the skin

Step 4. Scarlet Witch Cosplay Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Now that you have a Scarlet Witch costume, you need the hair & makeup to bring it all together! CuriousJoi along with her crack team of Cosplayers will help you complete the look!

Final words

If you are not interested in making your own Scarlet Witch costume,maybe you can consider to buy the whole outfit instead,it comes with movie quality leather jacket, black chiffon dress, armbands and even stockings.In this way,you don’t need to bought them separately and it’s much convenient for you.

Leave your favourite avenger  in the comments and you can get a big discount code for the avenger cosplay costume in xcoos now!It’s now or never!

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