Today,I would like to share some experiences about how to build a successful social media for a cosplayer. But at first,there is an important thing that I have to say in advance:

Cosplay is about having fun rather than getting more likes on facebook. We dress up and build awesome props and costumes because it is our hobby. Cosplay should not be a game to attractive more followers. As soon as it starts to get too competitive, that is when the fun stops and all the drama begins. Please respect our hooby,I want this to be a community in which we support each other!

Social media  has become almost a necessity in recent years, especially for cosplayers.Building a successful social medial could help us make more friends who love cosplay,and we will have more opportunity to community with other cosplayers to improve our cosplay!Besides,a successful social medial could help us level up our confidence!By building up your Social media, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward online – which will also influence your success in the real cosplay world as well.

So what should we do to build a successful social media?Here’s everything you need to know about using social media to build it.

cosplay social media

1. Choose the right networks to show  your cosplay works

According to investigation, 22 percent of Americans use social media multiple times a day, making it one of the best mediums on which to show ourselves. There are literally hundreds of social networks out there, but most of them aren’t worth investing your time and energy.

cosplay social media

Instead, find the platforms that support your cosplay, taking the following factors into consideration:

Facebook is by the far the best platform for communications and promoting our cosplay, as nearly three quarters of Americans adults use it. As my experiences show,if you have interesting things to show, then people will still like and share your posts. If you’re just doing the one millionth Worbla tutorial, then probably not so much.

Youtube is a great platform for you to show your visual works.I have a Youtube Channel that I am using since I uploaded my first tutorial video in 2010. It’s now on 78k followers and considering I only uploaded 32 videos, I’d say this is pretty good. Since I’m always busy with a new costume, a book, convention travels and general self-employed business paper stuff, it’s hard to upload something frequently. Additionally I struggled for a pretty long time with my English skills and creating quality videos took far too long. My husband Benni and I try to improve and upload more, though!

Instagram is a great place for cosplayers to share your cosplay  photography.You would better to upload your high-quality photos otherwise no one would like to share it!

Tumblr  is primary demographic is teens and people in their early twenties. If you loves blog, maybe Tumblr will be a good choose for you because  there are many cosplayers gather here.

Pinterest  is an excellent social network to reach female cosplayers, there are so many female cosplayers who love to show herself.

Twitter is mostly used in the USA but not much outside of it. I don’t think there are many cosplayers on this platform, but you can try it.

LinkedIn is a stronger choice for promoting business-related content and connecting with other corporate influencers.So I don’t recommend LinkedIn to post your cosplay.

2. Know what makes you unique

In order to be able to build successful social media, you need to know who you are? What qualities make you unique? What makes you stand out? What personality do you have is attracting?And how can you use these for your costume play social media building.

cosplay personality

This is not a question of hiding things about yourself, or changing your personality to fit the idea of the perfect cosplayer social media. Rather, it’s about using your best qualities and always bringing your best foot forward when you’re presenting yourself to others, online and offline.

When you have the ideas about what make yourself unique,the next thing you should do is persisting in it.Consistency is also very important to your social media building. Before you start building your brand, be clear on who you are and what image you want to portray to others, and then stick to it.

When I started with my page I got likes pretty slow, just likes everyone else today. I started share my cosplay just like everybody else with 0 likes. I didn’t feel slowdown, because I know that Rome wasn’t built in one day. I stick to sharing my useful cosplay tutorial. In five long years, by March 2017  I was at 38.150 Likes.  .Don’t lose faith, as long as the unremittingly, you will get some fruits. Now I start to create a blog to share my work of art, I know it will be a long march, but I have faith in that I will be a successful bloger.

In short,the right thing we need to do is analyze ourselves!

cosplay social media

3.Provide valuable and shareable content

It should go without saying, but you’ll create a popular social media if you focus on creating useful content that costume play lovers will want to share, rather than cranking out content to meet arbitrary publishing calendars or that covers subjects only you’d want to read.

Keep the following principles in mind as you craft content for social sharing:

 1.Create high quality picture

  • You would better use a professional camera. While I was still 18 years old and I did not have a lot of money for shooting. My solution was actually a Canon 350D (Digital Rebel XT) for then 500 € and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens for 100 €. It was still a huge amount of money and took a long time until I had the money saved up with my part time job, but the investment was worth it. I handed Benni the camera and we did our very first photoshoot all by our own. Since then I switched to the Canon 600D and finally to my current Canon 6D .
  • The background of the picture should be clean.My workshop is mostly pretty clean and organized, so I have enough space for shoots and my props and costume pieces doesn’t disappear in the chaos.
  • Photograper would be helpful if you have money.They are more professional.Now I really enjoy working together with photographers, but it’s simply a lot easier and more convenient to get exactly the photos you have in your mind. Benni is very patient and I’m very picky and I guess it’s just the right combination for good photos even if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

cosplay photography

2.Get to know what content is valuable.

you can try to  become a thought leader in cosplay , a person who others look up to for advice, tips or in other cases, for entertainment .You should Give as Much as You Can.That means you need to give people a reason to remember you If you want to be more popular. While I’ve grown my personal facebook considerably in recent years, I still like to reach out to contacts directly and ask them what I can do for them.

3. make your content visualable.

According to research,articles with images receive 94 percent more views. Twitter content with images receives nearly twice as many views as text posts, even though there are seven times more text posts on Twitter. As for this topic,you may find more on this article.So keep in mind that you should share more visualable cosplay contents.


When you post your cosplay photoes, make sure it’s authentic to your followers. In this way, your followers will trust you.

cosplay advice

4. Grow your social influence

Improved influence, means a better, stronger personal social media.According to my experience in running my cosplay social accounts,there are some things you can do to improve your social influence in the cosplay world!

1.update your account regularly!

In order to grow your own social influence in cosplay world, you will need to be extra active online, and preferably, also have a blog which is updated regularly with new posts.

2.Use social campaigns to attractive followers.

A growing number of cosplayers use strategies such as contests and other social media campaigns to successfully gain visibility and generate leads. You can gather some cosplay fans through social campaigns.Maybe you could try it!To take advantage of this effect, provide your followers with valuable incentives that encourage user participation and make sure that your campaigns offers value rather than trash to all cosplayers .

3. Live streaming.

Live streaming continues to be huge this year on social media. Use this popular (relatively) new medium to grow your personal social media and reach more cosplayers.

As Facebook is pushing this feature, it’s much more likely that a live stream will pop up in people’s news feeds, rather than a regular update. It’s unclear how long this will last – but while it still is, make sure to profit from the increased reach that live streaming gives you. And, now that Twitter has also included this feature, you have even more options for platforms.

cosplay live streaming

cosplay live streaming

4.Find the Right Groups.

Facebook offers great opportunities to join groups focused on cosplay. If you can find groups that line up with cosplay, then you’ll be able to share that experience and build authority around your personal accounts.

5.Use some professional tools to improve your ability

This is might be the most unwilling way I want to mention.If you are a cosplay businessman or you want to get followers faster,maybe you should use some professional tools to gain more influence in social media.This is for cosplayer with special needs,we could use the tools to get to know more about cosplay and cosplayers.

cospaly Analysis

cospaly analysis

Such as the hottest topic in cosplay world,how many cosplayers care about the topic that you want to share! You may use some tools to analyses it. It may seems a little difficult at first sight. But the new tactic does real helpful to make your cosplay content popular. If you need professional guide on this topic, this article will be helpful to you.Seriously talking,this method is not necessary for common cosplayers as us.

Remember to give tags to your content. There are many benefits to creating and maintaining a well thought out category and tagging system when blogging. Giving tags will do help to category your contents, people who love the topic will read your post.  Around 5% of those visitors are referred by tag pages listed in search engines.


The goal of all these different actions is to get more cosplayer to share your content piece with their followers via social network. It can take time to build up the kinds of relationships that lead to influence sharing, but if you’re consistent about producing quality content about cosplay, your efforts will get noticed.Don’t forget our original intention to cosplay when we take these actions to build our social media–Just for Fun!This should be our principle that we cannot forget.






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