Cosplay is a good hobby that encourage us to try new things. But before you drive into creating a cosplay, you should identify risks, which means anything that would prevent you from finishing your project.

cosplay advice

If you have identified risks before you start, you could avoid the risky things and complete your project successfully!

So we did the work for you; take a look at a list of risky things you should avoid when start a cosplay project, Take note so you, too, can avoid the risky things when you start a cosplay project, I don’t want you into a dilemma again!

RISK Way to solve
Trying a new technique or new materials that could yield costly mistakes 1.Try out the technique with less expensive materials.
2.Experiment with a small amount of the material before you start.
3.Leave yourself more extra time and materials to experiment and rework.
Choosing the wrong material for your character 1.Do your research before you start a project,there are so many guides,you could google it and choose the right one!

2.Avoid some materials as a beginner.

3.Ask advice from professional cosplayers.

Neglecting the details of your costume  1.Every detail photography, in case you forget it!

2.Point out the details that is easy to neglect with red pen,then you will notice it when you start the project.

Big or elaborate project that could run over budget 1.Break down all the elements of your costume,you will understand full scope of work more.
2.Add 25-30% onto your budget for unexpected issues or things.3.Do more lessons on your project.
Short deadline 1.Make a timetable when you start,there are some apps will help you to finish every step on time.

2.Identify what pieces are nice-to-have (i.e. not necessary) for if you need to drop or substitute when time runs out
e.g. nice-to-have: making custom boots from scratch; substitute: boots you own that look close enough
3.Avoid ordering online which involves delivery time (or expensive speedy delivery)

Large or delicate costumes that needs to  travel by train/car/plane/public transport 1.Plan to pack, not wear.Large or delicate costumes will get damaged if worn during travel.Try to bag as many layers as possible to protect your costumes from damage.
2.Design ways to collapse  big pieces for compact packing.
3.Design ways to isolate fragile pieces for careful packing.
Attend a comic cons as a cosplayer for the first time 1.Book a room earlier.

2.Remember to bring the Essential things.

3.Know what you should do and what shouldn’t.

Trying new make-up or effects 1.Thoroughly research materials that are safe to use. See an eye doctor for contacts.
2.Do a test on your wrist first to see if you have an allergic reaction.3.Google it,and see what others talk about the problem.
4.Run several tests ahead of time to get a feel for applying the makeup.
Props include realistic looking weapons 1.Check with con staff about what types of props and materials are acceptable.
2.Do not openly carry replica weapons in public.
3.Have a back-up plan in case the weapon cannot be used, needs to be checked, or is confiscated.
No sense of security 1.Watch for your props.

2.Pay attention to your own safety especially for girls,keep in touch with your cosplay partner when you are alone!

3.Bring your ID card and cellphone in your pocket.


For each cosplayer,especially for the green hand,we should check out the 10 things when we start our cosplay project.We may save a lot of trouble.Of course,cosplay is an adventure,we will never know what will happen next,and that is the place which attractive us much.Let’s enjoy the adventure of cosplay together!

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