Everyone loves a good cosplayed guy, but not everyone has the time, money or know how to be a good one. While it’s far too late to help you produce a complex, ornate costumes, that doesn’t mean you can not stand out on party. Here we would to show you the top 20 cheap but awesome Halloween Cotsumes Ideas,this is by no means a list of the only types of cosplay out there, but it is a list of some of our personal favorites.Maybe it will inspire you to make a wonderful cosplay on your party!

1.Vampire cosplay

cheap cosplay ideas

Nowadays vampires come in all shapes and sizes, and they are such iconic pop culture figures that there are plenty of TV and movie vampire characters for you to mimic.

What you need to do: Get a pair of fake vampire fangs, and wear foundation that is shades lighter than normal. Be creative and aim to look like vampires from movies and Tv show. Dribble some fake blood or red food coloring on the side of your mouth. If you’re a vampire that has been turned recently, use dark eyeliner to draw in two holes on your neck.Then you will looks just like the real Vampire.

2.Pregnant Zombi Cosplay

cheap cosplay ideas

This is a quite scary cosplay.But be assured, it was totally fake. A series of photos give you some idea of the work that went into this costume.

What you need to do: Some red paint to make it looks like blood, and thick cloth to make you look as a pregnant woman,the last thing you should do is practice your makeup skills.

3.Ghost Cosplay

Ghost cosplay ideas

Maybe ghost is one of the easiest costumes to make because all you need is an old bed sheet.

What you need to do: Get a white sheet, and cut out two holes for your eyes. Be creative and cut holes in your sheet to be a “holy” ghost, or dress the sheet up with some makeup. Put blush on your ghostly cheeks, and smear lipstick where your mouth should be.You could also dress your lovely pets in that way!

4.Mario and Luigi Cosplay

cosplay ideas

Mario and Luigi cosplay is quite an easy cosplay for family with kids and pets,that is a very cheap and popular anime cosplay, Your neighbors will definitely admire your creativity.

What you need to do:All you need is a hat, a pair of jeans ,a red T-shirt and a green T-shirt,the materials is so common for you to make your DIY Halloween Costumes.

5.Mickey and Minnie Mouse

cosplay ideas

Mickey is a popular character among kids,so that will be a good choice for family with kids.It is quite lovely actually,and your children will love it absolutely.

What you need to do: You could buy the Mickey theme costumes from online shop or stores,it will cost less than 50 dollars for you.

 6.The Birds Cosplay

cosplay ideas

The  birds idea references a popular movie, but you won’t see other people wearing it at the same party. Few years ago, redditor CampingIsInTents posted a picture of her Tippi Hedren costume and got a rousing response.She bought the birds, but had to alter the wings to make them just right. The idea has been used by creative costume-makers a couple of times before, even on TV.

What you need to do:You may buy some fake birds,and alter the wings to make them looks just as the picture,and remember to buy a similar style pants to make you look more real!

7. Bat woman Cosplay

cosplay ideas

Do you want to be the sexy bat woman?That is an quite simple and easy way that you could adpopt.

What you need to do:You just need to cut up a cheap umbrella to create bat wings,and then bind the bat wings to your costumes,that is a quite easy costume for you to make,but it is a creative work!

8.Film Star Cosplay

cosplay ideas

This black-and-white film star costume might be perfect for those who think silence is golden.

What you need to do: Get black attire, white body and face paint, and black lipstick and eyeshadow. Use the black eyeshadow as blush. You might want to choose an outfit that resembles something from the 1930s to 1960s when black-and-white films were popular.

9. Pumpkin Baby Cosplay


Pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween. You can put a child in a pumpkin,that is all your work.Some little kids enjoy the costumes much.

What you need to do:Just look for a big Pumpkin to hold your kids,then drill some holes in the pumpkin to make it looks more threaten.

10 .Sesame Street Martians Coaplay

cosplay ideas

“Yip, yip, yip, yip.” That’s maybe what you’ll be saying all night if you’re going to be one of the martians on Sesame Street.It just look like the ghost in the street.

What you need to do: Get styrofoam for the eyeballs and pipe cleaners for the antennae. You will also need lots of material to drape over yourself. That is so easy.Remember that you will need to make sure the mouth area is a black mesh material, so you’ll be able to see from the inside of the costume. More instructions here.

11.The Make-up Monster Cosplay

cosplay ideas

Usually the easiest thing to do is grab a makeup brush and some fake blood and give that face of yours a good smearing.

What you need to do:Obviously there is some skill needed if you really want to have a convincingly scary monster makeup — the best vampire and zombie makeups take plenty of time and effort. However, if clothing and costumes aren’t your thing, makeup is an easy and generally affordable option for you. You could really lean into a bad make-up look or something more campy and silly. Look for some DIY instructional makeup videos if you need a little help.

12.Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man Cosplay

cosplay ideas

We’ve all seen the tube man on Family Guy and at comic cons, and even at car dealerships. This costume is very funny, I made it from things I had from around the house. Not only is it a fun costume but it is the best costume to make someone laugh. Everyone knows what it is when they see it.

What you need to do:The project is a little difficult than the above ones,Here is the guide for you.

13. Nyan Cat costume

cosplay ideas


Just try the sexy Nyan Cat costume,spread a little happiness with the Nyan Cat costume.

What you need to do: Get a rainbow flag so you can leave a colorful trail, a Pop-Tart-looking top, and some kitty ears to make you lovely.

14.A Huge Iphone Costume

cosplay ideas


For parents who have little baby,the huge iphone cotume might be a good choice for you!

What you need to do:Cut the cardboard into a rectangle just looks like your iphone,then dig a Square hole to place your baby.

15.The Gamepads Cosplay

cheap cosplay ideas

For boys who love computer games,maybe the gamepads cosplay might be a good choice.It is a funny work,isn’t it?If you love fun,that is absolutely a good way to show your humor.

What you need to do:you need to have a superb makeup technique,that you will draw it more real.

16.Edward cosplay

cosplay ideas

Edward is a good choice for some movie fans,it looks so cool acutually.You chould make it by youself in your home.

What you need to do:Buy a professional Edward costumes,you could find it on ebay. Then make up just as Edward,don’t forget to buy a scissors just as Edward.

17.The Queen Cosplay

cosplay ideas

For someone who loves funny thing,maybe the queen is the perfect cosplay ideas for you!

What you need to do:You just need a sense of humor,try to use a cardboard to act as the crown,and make up to make you more act in a more funny way.

18.The mermaid

cosplay ideas

The beautiful mermaid is a popular character among male and female,and the costume is easy to make.

What you need to do:You just need a blue sweater, and sew it in the shape of mermaid.At last, you may need some sea star to decorate your costumes.

19 The Sexy Black Cat Cosplay

cosplay ideas

In US,Black Cat costume is one of the most popular choice among females due to the sexy appearance.You could show your sexy side to your lover when you put on the black cat suits.

What you need to do:Wear an all-black ensemble with cat ears, black eye mask, and a swishy tail. Don’t forget your sack with a dollar sign stuck to the front.

20.The “I Don’t Know What Characters” Cosplay

cosplay ideas

For cosplayers, cosplay is do what surpass your imagination.There are so many costume that is creative and unique that we could even not be ale to tell the character.

What you need to do:Just use your imaginations to create.

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