Have you ever met any hard things to make your own cosplay costume or cosplay props like sword, gun, and bow?What do you think are the hardest part to finish your cosplay?Here we come up with some creative solutions to solve these hard things and make it much easier for you to cosplay.

Which character should you cosplay as?

I don’t know whether you have noticed that there are so many people asking for cosplay ideas every day in Reddit, Quora, Yahoo answer and forums like cosplay.com.Actually,you are the only one who knows which character fits you but if you need some ideas for you to choose, here we are!

How to solve this:

  1. The character doesn’t have to look or act like you, it should be the character you prefer.Just think about the character you already watched in TV, movie or game.And then decide which character to cosplay according to the difficulty and preference.
  2. Google and see if there have some good cosplay ideas for you.You can search for like this”couple cosplay ideas in 2017″anime cosplay ideas”cosplay ideas for a fat guy” “easy cosplay ideas”.
  3. Post in Reddit or Quora – like the others and see if you can get some good ideas.

Where to find the exact cosplay shoes

You may find cosplay shoes for any costume the hardest part of cosplay.Cause you can’t really make the shoes all by yourself, it requires a lot of work and to develop skills outside of what most people are familiar with.

Generally speaking, you can buy anything from online now.There are so many cosplay stores for you to choose from, and I highly recommend you the XCOOS.COM.The quality and the accuracy there is much higher than the other stores.

How to solve that:

In fact, there are a few uncommon cosplay shoes you can not find online, forgive me above words.But you can find the cosplay shoes in the same style but different color, then gets one and paint over it to match the shoes you need for your cosplay.

How to Style cosplay wigs

You may also be nervous every single time you style wigs, because it may mess up at any time.So here we made an infographic for you to show you the right step to wear your wigs.

How to solve that:

How to sew your own cosplay costume?

The hardest thing about sewing your own cosplay costumes is not only the sewing skills that matters,/ but also the planning work.

Most of you may know that planning the costume can take more time than the creation itself, riffling through true-to-the-work images is only the beginning of the long march.It will take more time to find the right fabrics, materials, and screen version pieces online.

  • Choose good reference pictures

There are a lot of characters you want to cosplay are not in the spotlight, so you may need watch hours of cutting scenes, movies, animes or flipping through concept art to find a handful of decent pictures of the characters.

How to solve that:

Here is a very good advice: always find the news or pictures from the official website, then there is no possibility to be wrong.

  • Choose the right color and right type of fabric

For professional cosplayers, choosing fabric doesn’t seem like a big deal cause they have rich experiences.But for a beginner like you, it’s one of the most important but the hardest thing to learn before you decided to make your own cosplay costume or the other cosplay accessories.

How to solve that:

  1. Choose the easiest fabric to work with first – 100% cotton fabric.It’s very versatile, so you can make a lot of cosplay costume and above all, you will not run into a lot of problems while sewing.
  2. Or you can learn the commonly used fabric for cosplay costume first, and then ask the professional cosplayer around you which fabric is the most suitable one for the costume you want to make.Here are two posts for you to find out the most basic fabric commonly used for sewing.

How to make the cosplay props

The most difficult thing to make your own cosplay props is the materials which you need to prepare in advance.Believe it or not, you will get tons of compliment on that things during the process of making your own props.The cosplay props always come with patterns.

How to solve that:

The best way to solve these is finding the proper cosplay tutorial, and here we have a list where you can find the super helpful cosplay tutorial, it’s just for the common cosplay props, but when you have rich experience later, you can do it without the tutorial anymore.

  1. Deviantart.com – It’s a very good place to find the amazing cosplay infographic tutorials about costume, armor, and weapons like sword and shield.The best part of the infographic tutorial is that you can easily view and understand the steps.
  2. Youtube.com – As we all know, the best way to learn things is video, it’s easy to deliver the information and makes the steps more understandable.And there are so many channels for cosplay tutorial you can search the keyword of your character and choose the tutorial you prefer.
  3. therpf.com – It’s a very good cosplay forum and many cosplayers will share the process of their cosplay props, costume there.Most of them are superhero theme, if you are the big superhero fan, it’s the right place for you to learn how to make your own cosplay staff.
  4. cosplaytutorial.com – The best part of this site is that they list the cosplay tutorial directly and you can easily find them by searching the keywords.

Where to buy high-quality screen accurate cosplay costume?

There are so many online cosplay stores but which one is your best choice?XCOOS.COM is a very professional online store to provide original look cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs, and cosplay boots. Compared to the other online stores, xcoos provide the much higher quality cosplay in much lower price.

Wonder Woman xcoos.com ezcosplay.com hellocosplay.com Amzon.com
Price $211 $259 $275.99 $178 (without boots)
Shipping Time 7-15 days 11-19 days 10-19 days 14-22 days

You can see from the chart that xcoos provide the much cheaper Wonder Woman cosplay costume and much faster shipping than the other online stores.Comment below, you will have the chance to gain a big discount code for buying from xcoos. Do not miss this opportunity~

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