Cosplay. It’s a shortened form of two words – costume and play. It’s surrounded by controversy, people love it, hate it, live it and breathe it, or merely accept it. But you can’t deny that Cosplay has become a very popular culture among teenagers.

As for our minors and adolescents, the attitude of our mother has a great influence on us. We have to read our mother’s mind. So our topic today is about our parents attitude towards cosplay. What’s the right thing to do and your mother thinks it’s wrong? I’ve sorted out the top 5 things that  mother was wrong about cosplay from the Internet. And I have given my opinion on all the questions.  Let’s have a look at it !


No 1 Is It Wierd For A Girl To Cosplay As A Guy?

Q:My mother said it was weird, and she thinks a girl shouldn’t try to cosplay as boys, but I do really want to go cosplaying as Rin Okumura!

cosplay mom attitude

A: Actually, it’s so not weird for a girl to cosplay as a guy. Some of my girl Cosplay friends only Cosplay boys. I think this is a normal phenomenon. If it’s a character you want to be, why would you let anyone stop you? I say go for it! Besides, that particular character I think I have only ever seen girls Cosplay him at cons, and they all looked extremely cool! If you want to cosplay as a dude ,you should just go and do it , it may seem weird at first but the more you cosplay like that the more comfortable it becomes . I support your choice all the way and advice you try hard to bind your chest when cosplaying.

Of course, there are many male characters are not suitable for the reason of of the body structure.If your body shape isn’t suitable for the role, maybe you should avoid trying this kind of roles.

cosplay attitude

No 2 My mother thought cosplay would affect my studies

Q:my mom is one of those stereotypical asian mothers, she just my business side when i get a table on my desk and do my homework. She couldn’t understand the “point” of going to cons. In her mind, everything I do about cosplay is a waste of life.

cosplay attitude

A :To be frank with you, I understand the thought of you and your mother. As an oriental woman, hoping her children will have a bright future is very common. And as a teenager, it is human nature for kids to pursue the things that you enjoy. Besides, cosplay is a very attractive hobby.

I think you should talk to your mom seriously.Tell them what Cosplay is and how much you love it, then tell her you can do a good job of study, and cosplay will not affect your learning. I wish my parents were a bit more understanding.

No3  My mom just doesn’t want me to cosplay

Q: Although my mother is very picky about what I do, she is a good mother. I’ve never cosplayed before, and I want to cosplay as Quirinus Quirrell from ‘Harry potter’. At least I’m not going to dress up as some desu pink haired, big-boobed character. Anyway, my mother seriously got a bit mad when I said I wanted to dress up as Quirinus Quirrell at an upcoming anime con. I have 2 friends who started cosplaying when they were only eleven, and the ones parents don’t care about it, and the other parents support her.
What should I do to convince her to let me ? I’ve had a couple of quarrel with her. And I have all the money for the supplies and outfit, too, so I don’t know why she should care that much. I just don’t want her to be angry at me.

cosplay mom attitude

A: Well, this is a very difficult question to solve. On one hand, you need to listen to your mother,  on the other hand, you need to start being independent. Maybe the best way to solve this problem is to communicate with your parents. You should try to find the best way to communicate with your parents, rather than quarrel with him, because the quarrel cannot solve the problem. You should talk about it when she is in a good mood, and let her know that you are much more mature than she is giving you credit for. That might be helpful to you!

No .4 Is Sexual Harassment common in the world of cosplay?

Q: Mom says Cosplay is a dangerous game for girls, because Sexual Harassment is common in cosplay world .as many sexual harassment cases have been reported by cosplayers who are trying to enjoy the conventions.

A: We have to admit that sexual harassment incidents have increased in recent years. Especially in comic cons, some characters are designed to be provocative, and have spandex body suits or high school uniforms with short skirts. As a result, fans forget that there are girls inside the costumes, as they are swept up in the fantasy that their favorite character has come to life.

But this problem has aroused the attention of everyone, In New York’s Comic Con, attendees can see a large sign that says ‘Cosplay is Not Consent’, and that everyone should be treated with respect. And we cosplayers should also pay attentions to the question especially for females. I believe that the problems will be solve soon, you should let your mother know about it!

cosplay attitude

No 5 My parents absolutely hate it, they refuse to watch any of it, they thinks cosplay is stupid and costly.

Q:My parents absolutely hate it…they refuse to watch any of it, they call it stupid, I’ve heard them talking on the phone to my other family members about how weird I am…they yell at me when I tell them that I’m a dork because they seem to think being a dork is a horrible thing to be. Besides, they do think cosplay is a waste of money.

cosplay parents attitude

A: As for the question, it’s a hard work for you to make it. First, you should try your best to let your parents know more about cosplay, such as the history of cosplay, the cosplay culture,etc. Trust me,the more they know about cosplay, the more they will understand you.It will be tough at first,but you should not give it up.Next, your parents care about the cost, you should do some works on the problems.Try to DIY your costumes,or maybe a part-time job will be a good choice for you! I know there are some website which is looking for part-time cosplay editors or models ,you could try !


In a word, our parents attitude is important to us, we should try our best to let them understand it!Communication is the best way to solve problems.As for some parents who is stubborn,we should know that we should persist in the thing that we loves. I hope every cosplayer will get a wonderful experience in cosplay world.Have fun with cosplay!

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