Though it’s still a long time before Halloween,but with the arrival of spring,more and more comic cons are going to be held all around the world.Are you still annoying about cosplaying which character?Are you tired of cosplaying the same role likes Green Arrow every year?Have you ever been bored with the same old hero costumes?

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Whether you are tired or not, I am not interested in cosplaying all the same character every year,I have had enough of it,let’s make some change to our life.Nothing is changeless,so is cosplay.Here I would love to give you some unique Halloween Costume ideas,have you ever considered cosplaying Outlander? Check out some of these awesome Outlander Season 2 inspired costumes we found in the series, and let’s see if we can sweep the country with our awesomeness!

1. The DIOR-Style Costume

The costume is designed by the famous fashion designer Terry Dresbach,he said the costume is inspired by Dior. “That costume is based on one of the most famous pieces of fashion called the Dior bar suit,” she explains. “When I look to the 1940s, it was all about this iconic Dior look. Christian Dior based his collection on historical costumes from the 18th and 19th centuries.” Obvious, The Designer wanted Claire to stand out from the crowded,and it did work actually. “It’s the first time we see her in Paris and I really wanted it to make a statement: this is Claire and let us never forget that she’s a woman of the ’40s.”

Maybe,the noble and gorgeous costume is a perfect cosplay idea for some female cosplayer who enjoy ‘40s’ style costume.It is the wonderful combination of fashion and dignity.

cosplay ideas

2.The Scottish-Meets-French Dress

This is not a traditional Scottish Style costumes,it is a combination of Scottish style and French style.When Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh comes to France, they’re still wearing the Scottish clothes, but Claire’s dress has a bit of French flair to it, with the ornamental floral pattern that peeks through. It’s a perfect transition artwork from Scotland to their new temporary home.Maybe,you could try this style costume for your next comic con.

cosplay ideas

3.The Red Suit

When you look back on Season 2,we have to praise the simple but elegant red dress. “It’s one of those iconic book moments,” the designer says. “Red is such a domineering color and you have to be really careful with it. We decided early on to take inspiration for Claire from the 1940s because she’s a woman of the ’40s. We kept it simple and let the red itself be the decoration, as opposed to piling on a ton of lace and ribbons and jewels.”Indeed,the red dress captures lots of audiences,it give us the inspiration-The simplest is not necessarily disgraceful,that is a good lesson ,because nowadays,some cosplayers purchase the most difficult work,and they think the difficulty represents their ability.It is a misunderstanding point actually,we could list lots of examples.
cosplay ideas

4.The Yellow Coat

This is an French style costume, Claire comes to French and choose the coat.Here, she’s on one of her many expeditions to Master Raymond’s, but still keeps her look as Parisian as she used to.I have ever cosplayed a character likes Claire about three years old,this kind of costume,it is so cool,you will have a different feeling if you try different costumes,it is worth trying.

cosplay ideas

5.The Embroidered Blue Cloak

The scene is almost the same as the former yellow suit.This costume from the series is eerily reminiscent of her hooded yellow cloak. Claire has certainly developed her signature style while in Paris. It has an air of aristocracy to it as well, which makes sense since the Frasers are trying to enter the upper class.

cosplay ideas

6.The 40s Suit Costume

It’s a little bit like the current suit.In Season 2,Claire has agreed to move to Boston with Frank (Tobias Menzies) and her unborn child. She quickly ditches her old 18th century Scottish Highland and choose the a sleeker and simper look—perfect for the ’40s’. This costume is somehow a little too formal,but it give us a feeling of the ’40s’.

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7.The Bow-Tied Costume

This is another costume with minimalism.The color and the style is so simple.While at Versailles, Claire opts for costume that is more colorful and over-the-top than when she’s in Pairs. Here, she wears a bow-tied coat in a soft blue color and you can see her mauve dress sleeves peeking through.It is a good inspiration to our Halloween costume atcually.
cosplay ideas

8.The couple costumes

The costume is a good idea for some couple who are going to have a baby.The pregnancy costume with a gentleman costume makes the couple a more sweet looking.In the series,Claire is going to give birth here, she still opts for a look befitting to their Parisian lifestyle. The costume is simple and muted, yet still has a beautiful and rich tone to it, complete with a frill above her growing belly.

cosplay ideas

In summary

Honestly,sometimes we are always complaining about not having a good character to cosplay because almost every popular character has already been cosplayed by other cosers.But when we look back, we realize that we actually missed a lot of good ideas. Outlander is a good illustration,have you ever flashed an idea to cosplay Claire?

In fact, there are so many wonderful characters for us in the series,what we need is the bright eyes to find the real beauty.You don’t have to cosplay the superhero every year,make the change form now!

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