Halloween is no longer just about costumes and candy. It’s now the second-biggest decorating holiday of the year — right behind Christmas. Halloween is that time of year when kids and kids at heart dress up and pretend to be someone or something else.

Some will put a lot of creativity into their Halloween costumes while others will throw something together at the last minute.But whether your goal is to win best-dressed at your Halloween party,or to steal the spotlight or just to get a few laughs,you can say a lot about yourself through your costume without even realizing it.

If you are a trend watcher, then witches lead the pack as the top choice for 2010. Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore characters and Alice in Wonderland (especially the Mad Hatter) are going to be all over your neighborhood. If it isn’t pop culture you’ll see, it’s going to be all about humor with giant bananas and mullet wigs.

So what does your mask say about you? For those of you who have spellbinding personalities, aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and like having power, try the witch costume.

No. 1: Sexy costumes

There is no doubt that a lot of women will choose to wear sexy costume in Halloween parties. And as a matter of fact, there is usually at least one woman at every party who seemingly has purchased her costume from the lingerie section of the department store or an adult store.

Halloween night is all about mysterious liquids in clearly non-food-safe buckets and strange sex that you don’t want to talk about the next day. Just find another Sexy Wearer — Sexy Nurse, Sexy Widowmaker, Sexy Cidney, it doesn’t matter — and move in on them. But know this: Sexy Disguise Wearers are all racist … in that they will only mate with other Sexy Disguise Wearers.

These days sexy costumes can range from bunnies to police officers and from school girls to lions.Such costumes can indicate the costume-wearer is extremely comfortable with her sexuality. Well, she is revealing a bit more than cleavage. She is likely revealing that she has a repressed sexual side.

Sexy characters like the French maid, hot nurse, prostitute? That vixen in you wants to be let out, at least on Halloween night. You may simply be expressing the healthy and timeless struggle between being pure, chaste, holy and a sex kitten who wants to be the center of attention.

No. 2: Animal costumes

People who like to dress as wolves, penguins, bunnies or other creatures are generally those who strongly identify with animals — rather than a witch or a Disney character or a famous actor. They run the gamut from fairly faithful animal imitations to more or less anthropomorphized creatures — a half wolf/half man for example — to fanciful combinations of animals, like a bunny-dog. Others hew more closely to completely made-up animals from anime or art..These cute animal onesie outfits are worn for fun, and you can now buy those plushy ensembles in the U.S. too, via the wonders of the Internet.

Dressing up like an animal doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wild. And even if you cosplay like a cat, you haven’t lost your mind. Dressing up like an animal most likely means that you want to take on the characteristics of that animal.

A spokeswoman for the American Kennel Club, said she recognized some truth in this type of finding.”We tend to gravitate to pets that reflect our own personalities”. Cats are independent creatures so wearing all black and grabbing a tail and some ears, likely means that you are independent. It could also mean that you want your freedom.Cat people also tend to be much more creative and adventurous.The same can be said for tigers, who live and hunt alone.Dressing as a dog may mean you are a protector and provide friendship and a lot of affection.

No. 3: Witches, vampires, and ghosts

At just about any Halloween party, you can be assured of finding at least one witch in attendance.Halloween witches vary vastly from the creative costume-wearers who go all-out, broom and all, to the soccer moms who simply don a witch hat to dish out Halloween candy.

Whether you are dressing as a witch, vampire or ghoul, you are just sticking with the tradition of Halloween when it comes to your costume. But if you take the love for the holiday a bit far with make-up and blood and fake wounds and fake weapons to make it gory and scary, something else is being revealed that isn’t so lovey-dovey.

If the costume is scary, you may have a darker side to your personality that you have repressed and want to get in touch with. “Dressing as a bad, wicked, evil person is a way of saying, ‘I’m bad! I have nothing to fear in badness!’”

No. 4: “Uniform” costumes

A fairly easy costume to pull together is to dress like a student.Before you revert back to the days of your school-days, you should know that you are really a kid at heart and may actually be refusing to grow up. Dressing school uniform or other costumes such as Peter Pan and Fairy Princesses also would put you in the I-don’t-want-to-grow-up category.

No. 5: Overachievers Costumes

If you’re sick of dressing in tiny costumes and freezing yourself, maybe it’s time you tried a Overachievers costume. I have nothing but respect for you overachievers guys. I love the way you go half-mad and full-bankrupt just for a single disposable costume; it bespeaks a kind of childlike enthusiasm and earnestness that’s worth a thousand sequinned mini-skirts and half-assed pop culture references.

Whatever overachievers costume you come up with, what it’s really saying is that you really want people to know you’re a special person. But The overachiever is a walking disaster area waiting to happen,they’ve sacrificed everything in their lives to show you that costume. They’re probably going to wake up empty tomorrow, and they’ll need a beer and a sandwich to get them through the postpartum depression.

NO.6 Creative Costumes

Pop culture characters and themes are particularly rich conversation starters. This year we’re sure to see plenty of Miley Cyrus, “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad” costumes. As a bonus, with a little creativity, these costumes can be inexpensive to make. Some people don’t like the common costumes,and they prefer to make some original costumes with imaginations,such as inflatable tube man costumes.

Choosing and crafting a creative costume takes imagination and creativity. It’s strutting around your mental assets and interests rather than your abs or cleavage – though it’s possible to do both.

No.7 Dressing up as other people

Dressing up celebrities are usually popular choices.Throughout the years, dressing up as the president has also been popular. During the 1970s and the Watergate Scandal, it was President Nixon. In the 1990s, it was President Clinton during the whole Monica Lewinsky impeachment scandal. Don’t be surprised if you see the Donald Trump at a few parties this year.

And even dressing up as another occupation, such as doctors, also contributes to the phenomenon of dressing up as someone else. So if you dress up as another person what is this really saying about you?

Well, if you reach for the mask or wig that will creatively turn you into another person, you are playing it safe. While the costume may get a few laughs, you really aren’t trying to get out of your comfort zone.But what about a costume choice that skews a bit … younger?

That which scares the sh– out of us must be conquered, and we do that by becoming the one we fear or abhor, so please be careful to choose the costume at Halloween; Happy and safe Halloween all, no matter how foolish we look in our ridiculous costumes. Lady Gaga’s meat costume … really? But no matter what you choose to be on Halloween, it will be a lot of fun and show a bit of your personality.

Life is stressful. We all need something that helps us escape stressful reality, and into a world where we can take a break. For cosplayers, we escape into the worlds of the different comics, books, television shows, etc., that we love so much. We literally escape into their worlds by becoming a character from that universe. For the day, we are no longer ourselves, but our favorite character.

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