Green Arrow Prometheus Oliver Queen Cosplay Costume



Introducing you the 100% screen accurate cosplay costume of the most ravishing Green Arrow Prometheus.Our team put in a lot of effort into the creation of this costume, the stitching,the fabric and the accessories like zipper are all well-made. If you are looking into an unique Green Arrow cosplay costume, this Prometheus cosplay costume is all you need.Now dress up and move!

If you are tired of Green Arrow being superhero,you may enjoy the the evil side of Oliver Queen.And Green Arrow Costumes are needed at many instances in many ways,but this Prometheus version may help you look unique and win grab attention.

Made with perfection, this elegant Green Arrow Prometheus Costume is gracefully designed and custom tailored,Xcoos offers all the exact features that are added on the real one. The Green Arrow Costume is made from high quality Synthetic leather. Synthetic leather Prometheus Costume for its ability to resist dust collection and can be easily wiped clean.Use cool water and mild soap such as Ivory if cleaning is required. Do not rub.

TypesGreen Arrow Prometheus Cosplay Costumes
CharactersOliver Queen
MaterialSynthetic Leather

Coat, pant, hoodie, gloves, mask, quiver, leg bag

Please click HERE to get the shoes for this costume.

Cleaning Care
ShippingExpress shipping and economy shipping worldwide
Return PolicyYes
PaymentPaypal, Visa, Mastercard etc.

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