Red Arrow Roy Harper Arrow Halloween Cosplay Costume





Made of Synthetic Leather, top-quality Red Arrow Harper Cosplay Costume is comfortable to wear. Xcoos team put a lot of effort into the creation of the Red Arrow costume. All the costumes are designed accurately, exquisite in details and made according to the original version. If you have no idea who you should cosplay, the Red Arrow cosplay costume is the best choice.

Being very popular and consistently appearing in the cosplay party, custome tailored Red Arrow Cosplay Costumes will surely help you get the attention of all the ladies. The following guide is intended to help you do well in the character of the Red Arrow by accurately wearing the Red Arrow costume which is available now in

Red Arrow Jacket --- This Arsenal jacket is made up of Synthetic leather that makes it very comfortable to wear. Stylish workings like lace feature are done on both sleeves and also at the front. Also some lines designs made on both shoulders. Furthermore, this apparel has the hood feature which is essential and once you have this on you, it will slim fit you for sure. So check it out and place your order soon in now.

Red Arrow Quiver --- where would you keep your arrows if you don’t have a quiver,Red Arrow quiver is crucial part of the character sketch.For pants of the costume, you should use these leather pants. These pants look splendid and match perfectly with the suit. They look almost inseparable with the jacket mentioned earlier. These pants are very comfortable, stylish and soft. You can wear them to different dance parties, and they will catch the eye of every individual.
Red Arrow Shoes --- As we have seen the work of the Red Arrow is not an easy one and requires a lot of legwork. We are not sure if you will encounter to the same amount of legwork or not. Nonetheless, these are very comfortable and go directly with the color line of the costume. Adidas made leather fabric with rubber insole shoes are worth spending your money for as they will continue to serve you well long pass the time of the costume party.
Red Arrow Gloves --- To get a grip of your Bow you will need these leather gloves. Fashionably designed and carefully modification for comfort, these gloves are a must add-on to the Red Arrow costume.

TypesGreen Arrow Cosplay Costumes
CharactersRoy Harper
MaterialSynthetic Leather
ComponentsTop suits With Hoodie, Belt,Eye Mask, Strap, Pants, Gloves,Quiver,Shoe Covers
Cleaning Care
ShippingExpress shipping and economy shipping worldwide
Return PolicyYes
PaymentPaypal, Visa, Mastercard etc.

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