Green Arrow season 3 Oliver Queen Cosplay Costume



The Green Arrow Cosplay Costumes are slim-fitting so that it won't hang around your torso loosely. Our team put in a lot of effort into the creation of this costume, the professional design and custom tailored in the show are 100% Screen Accurate.  If you are looking into Green Arrow cosplay costume, this Green Arrow cosplay costume is all you need.

Made with perfection, this elegant Green Arrow Costume is gracefully designed and custom tailored, Xcoos offers all the exact features that are added on the real one. The Green Arrow Costume is made from the Synthetic leather and chamois leather. Synthetic leather Arrow Costume for its ability to resist dust collection and can be easily wiped clean. Use cool water and mild soap such as Ivory if cleaning is required. Do not rub.

Green Arrow Mask --- Starting from the top, you will need to start to looking more like the Green Arrow with the Eye Mack first, which helps you look more cool and cosplay more real as Green Arrow. We design every detail of the Green Arrow Eye Mask to present the original version. Made up of the same PU leather, this Eye Mask is stylish, very comfortable and easy to see through.

Green Arrow Gloves --- Coming to your hands now, every superhero needs gloves when they are handling weapons just like Green Arrow. An archer needs to take good care of his hands and keeps them warm and pain-free. And you need to do similarly in order to make people believe that you are the cosplay king of Halloween. The Green Arrow Gloves of Stephen Amell is made from the best quality of PU leather. It has no closure, but it has a rib knit feature that will enable you to slide them on and off quickly. The pattern is featured on top of the glove for the exact Green Arrow touch. It’s now available in, so the scale of the hand gets a comfortable gear. Our custom tailored Gloves make every party unusual.

TypesGreen Arrow Season 3 Cosplay Costumes
CharactersOliver Queen
MaterialSynthetic Leather & Chamois leather
ComponentsEye-patch, Top suits , Belt, Strap, Pants, Gloves,Quiver, Armbands,Shoe Covers
Cleaning Care
ShippingExpress shipping and economy shipping worldwide
Return PolicyYes
PaymentPaypal, Visa, Mastercard etc.



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