Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 Ego Cosplay Costume



How do you dress up a planet? Well, here is something that should put a couple people’s minds at ease when it comes to Ego.Now Guardians Galaxy Vol 2 Ego Cosplay Costume is on sale on Xcoos. Customization is also avaiable, please feel free to contact us by [email protected] for any question.

This is a fantastic costume for all those who are looking for something new and exciting to wear at Cosplay events and during causal parties and functions. You simply cannot miss out on this dress if you are a diehard follower of Hollywood actor Kurt Russell as it is an exact replica of the costume that he wore in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Russell portrays the fictional character of Ego the Living Planet in this movie and looks fabulous wearing this costume. Now you too can look handsome and impress all your friends by wearing this costume at a party or function. It is a complete outfit that has been made beautiful by use of armor features on the coat and a long and flowing cloak. There are many more features like leather patches on the shoulders and a long belt that goes across the body at the front.

We GUARANTEE you that the features and designs on Xcoos will give a 100% screen accurate look and you will get the most accurate design of Star Lord cosplay costume. The great thing of this Star Lord costume is that it can be used for a dual purpose.

We also promise you the trackable and multiple shipments in Xcoos, you can receive the costume send from us in time. If anything goes wrong in the shipping or on the costume, you are welcome to contact us here [email protected] We will try our best to solve your every problem, exchange, return or refund, all can be supported by our principles.

TypesGuardians of Galaxy Vol 2 Ego Cosplay Costume
MaterialSynthetic leather

scarf, cloak, coat, gloves, belt, pants, handguard

Please click HERE to get the avaiable boots for this costume.

Cleaning Care


ShippingExpress shipping and economy shipping worldwide
Return PolicyYes
PaymentPaypal, Visa, Mastercard etc.




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