Best 7 Chun Li Cosplay Costume
Best 7 Chun Li Cosplay Costume

Best 7 Chun Li costume ideas for you

I have to say that she’s the most beautiful and 100% similar like the Role Chunli in the Street Fight game. Chun-Li Costume, Black Leather Spike Bangle, Blue Briefs, White Gogo Boots, and Brown Tights. Chun-Li sticks to her heritage with her characteristic. Every part and details are just perfect.

Think about that mother and daughter all take the cosplay costumes of Chunli, It is too memorable when the daughter grow up or the mother turns old, just think about that, take out the pictures about his, you will be grateful at the time.

This is one of the coolest couple’s costumes I’ve seen. Maybe a little crazy to let your boyfriend go with you, but all in one, that’s love, that’s passion. Have you felt about it?

My heart. It melts.  What such lovely cute girl, that’s the small Chun-Li. Too Naive and beauty. But when you buy Chunli Cosplay Costume for your little girl. you should pay more attention to the materials, it should be made of cotton or satin, the accessories should be soft so that it could not hurt your Child.

Here’s buyer show about a black healthy girl dress in Chunli Costume, she says beyond impressed at how legit this Chun Li costume is! The quality is amazing for the price too: thick satin material with beautiful, accurate details.  For reference, I am 5′ tall, 118 lbs., bust size 36D and the Medium fit well in the bust with a little bit of room from the waist down. It was about knee length in the front part of the cheongsam. So happy with this purchase and can’t wait to wear it at Comic-Con 2018!

Go to the Comic-con with your friends, so that you can show the real Kong-fu of Chun-Li’s Special Attacks. Her Kakukyakuraku was basically a move where she flips in the air and dropkicks her opponents on the head, causing them to fall down. Il will call so many persons’ or cameras’ attention.

To be brave, that’s the most important this that we learned from Chunli. So I must give the high scores to this otaku uncle, he taught us that no matter the sex, no matter age, no mother your body shape, if you like, you could also dress this Chun-Li cosplay Costume.

Best Chun-Li Costume Guide

Recreating Chun-Li’s look with either a Chun-Li costume or any kind of Cheongsam or Chinese dress. Throw on a pair of brown tights under the dress and add a pair of tall white boots! You will need two black leather spiked bangles—one to wear on each wrist. Lastly, don’t forget an ox horn style wig or if your hair is long enough, you can style it in the same as Chun-Li. Go with a group of friends dressed up as other video game characters or other fighters from the Street Fighter V like Guile, Ryu, and Sagat! We would love to see your complete costume, so submit a photo to be posted in the cosplay gallery if you want.