A Guide to Make Wonderful Cat Cosplay
A Guide to Make Wonderful Cat Cosplay

With the boom of cosplay, many players have an urgent need to play different types of characters. Cat Cosplay is a popular choice, especially for players who like Catwoman in Batman and the cat characters in Japanese anime. But there must be some doubts about a person who plays for the first time, such as how to play a complete and attractive cat person. What steps are necessary in the process? Below we will list you one by one to help you first try cat modeling.


1.Choose a suitable cat costume

First choose a suitable tight black body suit according to your preference,preferably a gloved one. For this will prevent you from paying extra attention to buying a pair of cat gloves. This most classic black cat suit will makes you look enchanting and good-looking, sexy figure will make you become the focus of the audience. This is an important first step.

2.With a dedicated eye mask

You already have a black outfit, so black eye masks are essential. This trinket will increase the mystery of your entire cat cosplay image. If you have your own favorite, you can also decorate some small diamonds on the eye mask. Lace and leather fabrics are all available.


3.Wearing a cat ear hair band

The cat's headband will make your cat cosplay more realistic. Remember that this is a bonus item, preferably with a hair hoop, which will make you look very cute and the color can be based on your preference.


4.Stick an artificial cat's tail

The near-final step is that you need to add a fluffy cat's tail to the entire equipment, which will make your cat costume more characteristic.


5.Buy a pair of black leather gloves 

If your coverall does not contain gloves then you need to add a pair of Cat claw gloves. If this is the other case then you can ignore this step.


6. Pick a pair of suitable shoes

Happy to tell you this is the last step, you only need to wear a pair of beautiful boots to finish the entire dress up process.


Is this funny? Sincerely hope this article has helped you. By the way, if you are a cosplay lover, we have more costume for you to choose at xcoos.com.