Cosplayers! What was your first experience like?
Cosplayers! What was your first experience like?

Have you ever cosplayed as your favorite movie character in Halloween or in some other big event? I guess most of the cosplay lover may have tried to do so, but dD you remembered how are you feeling the first time when you wear this cosplay costumes in public? Some people feel shy while others think it was exciting. Here are some first cosplay experience shared by cosplayers.

I had my first cosplay experience at the New York Comic Con in 2015. I was Marvel Avengers 3: Infinity War Thor. I want to be a person who stands for equality, and that’s the reason I choose him. I felt really awesome to be Thor. Not only because he is strong with superpower but one recognized by most of the public. Plus, When you cosplaying your favorite character vivid, you may feel a sense of accomplishment.

The first cosplay experience is really unforgettable for me. In fact, I am a shy girl and rarely attend the big party or event. And I joint a Halloween party with my best friends. I was afraid to talk with people there, I felt very strange,  seems like many people staring at me. But my friend told me that I look very beautiful and this costume fit me well, I performance this charter very fantastic too. Haha...So I realized that should have been more outgoing next time, especially when I suit myself with cosplay costumes, I should spend more time to enjoy myself, there is nothing to worry about, just do yourself.

My first cosplay was amazing, We took pics and did stupid stuff and acted silly. I enjoy a good time and felt welcomed and happy. The best advice I can give you is choosing a character you like and to be confident. My friend who was with me said you are now officially a cosplayer with experience. Yeah, I think I can do it better next time.

My first cosplay experience was a learning experience at a park. We even didn't know it was called cosplay, but we did know that we wanted to dress up like we had seen people do before. We chose something very simple and comfy to wear, something I would recommend for new cosplay beginner. We didn't expect many people to be there, but we still got a lot of pictures taken by random photographers walking around.

The last but the most important thing: don't be afraid to talk to people around you! Cosplaying is an easier way to make new friends. Don’t be shy, try to ask for photos with them. When you merge into this party and enjoy a good time with your partner or your team, you would get a lot of fun and memories.



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