Jul 30, 2019 340 Comments
Cosplay Wig is an important part that we shouldn't miss when it comes to the copslay, you want to know why? Maybe you can get your answer from the anime "Attack On Titan".
Mar 16, 2019 843 Comments
The Alita is famously identical for her wide eye while Alita: Battle Angel costume she wears is imitated by all fans too. If you want to adopt the same look like her then here we have a complete Alita: Battle Angel costume guide that you can DIY at home.
May 31, 2018 1230 Comments
There are thousands of cos-players from different country with variety cosplay costumes and styles.And photographer and local reporter taken some photos from the scene of the Sakura-Con 2018.
May 15, 2018 361 Comments
Have you ever cosplayed as your favorite movie character in Halloween or in some other big event? I guess most of the cosplay lover may have tried to do so, but did you remember how are you feeling the first time when you wear this cosplay costumes in public?