Psylocke Elizabeth Betsy X-Men Apocalypse Cosplay Costume



Preparing your Psylocke Elizabeth Betsy cosplay costume is one of the best parts of cosplaying. Our tailor made this 100% fitting costume in detail, select the most comfortable fabrics to make the high quality Psylocke Elizabeth Betsy cosplay costume. Buy X-Men Psylocke Cosplay Costume at cheap price but with original Psylocke version.

Psylocke Elizabeth Betsy X-Men Apocalypse Cosplay Costume consists of a sleeveless purple leotard with a turtle neck and plus elbow length purple gloves. A long strip of red cloth is tied around her waist and her limbs bear rings of purple cloth. There are two purple cloths per arm on her left and right arms, the same goes on her legs. All in all, Psylocke Cosplay Costume exudes great sex appeal and yet at the same time, If you are wondering who to cosplay for Halloween party this year, she’s someone you wouldn’t want to miss.

Please refer to Our Size Chart which is displayed as picture when you choose the right size. Since these Psylocke costumes are all Tailor made, we promise to ship them with no more than 12 days. If you choose Custom Made, Please email us about all your physique information as soon as possible, if we don't receive any information within 2 days, we will make the customs according to the size you've selected.

We will try our best to solve your problem, exchange, return or refund, all can be supported with our principles. If anything goes wrong in the shipping or on the costume, you are welcome to contact us here [email protected].

TypesX-Men Psylocke Cosplay Costume
CharactersPsylocke Elizabeth Betsy
MaterialSatin & Leather
Componentsleotard, Vest, gloves, Long leg socks, Red strip
Cleaning Care


ShippingExpress shipping and economy shipping worldwide
Return PolicyYes
PaymentPaypal, Visa, Mastercard etc.

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