The Hunger Games 3 (part 2) Mockingjay Red Cosplay Costume



Now, take control of the party with this The Hunger Games 3 (Part 2) Mockingjay Red Cosplay Costume! Relive your childhood dreams of adventure and charm everyone at your next party as Katniss. This costume includes a tailor-made red bodysuit and knee-pads for that warrior style. That's sure to be a hit this Halloween!

Vest, Shawl, Top, Pants, Quiver, One Glove and Leggings are included. This The Hunger Games 3 (Part 2) Mockingjay Red Cosplay Costume is perfect for young girls who never take no for an answer. Friends and family everywhere will love your straight-from-Hollywood Katniss Everdeen costume, as no one can forget the brave girl from District 12 who risked her life as part of the rebellion. If you're hungry for fun, then this Katniss costume is just the thing for you. Perfect for costume parties or Halloween -- especially as part of a themed group costume with Katniss's famous friend Peeta -- this stylish, cool costume will bring out the kid in you and make for a smashing good time! What are you waiting for? 

Look Good, Feel Even Better! The soft cotton-made parts of Mockingjay Red Cosplay Costume are breathable and can transmit moisture away from the body, like a towel. Cotton allows you to remain comfortable as you exercise, keeping moisture away from building up between your skin and clothing. The synthetic leather-made parts, such as vest, leggings, are easy for you to clean and may save your time!

"The Hunger Games" was a huge box-office smash, enchanting our dreams with the powerful story of the indomitable Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who became a hero for strong, empowered women everywhere. Katniss is a take-no-prisoners leader who's always able to save the day, whether that means rescuing her sister or taking on the oppressive government as leader of the rebellion. 


TypesThe Hunger Games 3 (part 2)
CharactersMockingjay Katniss Everdeen
MaterialSynthetic Leather, Cotton
ComponentsVest, Shawl, Top, Pants, Quiver, Leggings, One Glove
Cleaning Carewashing
ShippingExpress shipping and economy shipping worldwide
Return EligibleYes
PaymentPaypal, Visa, Mastercard etc.

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