X-Men: The Last Stand Ororo Munroe Storm Halloween Cosplay Costume



Dress yourself in this X-Men: The Last Stand Ororo Munroe Storm Halloween Cosplay Costume and lead the pack on Halloween! The black and silver, synthetic leather-made jumpsuit features a muscle torso and cool character cloak! Matching Gloves just like it in the movies, made of high quality synthetic leather, all pockets are functionable.

You will look sexy and powerful when you wear this X-Men: The Last Stand Ororo Munroe Storm Halloween Cosplay suit! Attached silver cloak around your shoulder is included. This feature gives a pop of color for a truly head striking look. Add some drama to your ensemble with this silver cape. Attached to gloves and buttons, this cape comes to life when you move your arms. Draped style gives you a sense of flair. Throw a marvel superhero party! Here at xcoos.com, you will find an assortment of tailor-made Marvel costumes and accessories for kids and adults of all ages and genders. Life’s better in costume!

Sure, fighting bad guys and mutant terrorists is one way to use your mutant powers of climate control, but we had a few other ideas that Storm could try out. She could find some totally unfair employment as a meteorologist. She could become every elementary school kid's best friend by creating tons of snow days. She could even use her abilities to help farmers out with drought. Of course, using them to fight bad guys alongside the the X-Men sounds like a cooler idea. What will you decide to do in this X-Men: The Last Stand Ororo Munroe Storm Halloween Cosplay Costume ? (We're going to guess that it involves looking awesome at a part)!

TypesX-Men Cosplay Costume
CharactersOroro Munroe Storm
MaterialSynthetic Leather
ComponentsJumpsuit, Cape, Gloves
Cleaning Carewashing
ShippingExpress shipping and economy shipping worldwide
Return EligibleYes
PaymentPaypal, Visa, Mastercard etc.

Donald Lee Spray

Great jacket bub

The quality of the jacket for the price is excellent.The five star rating is for the quality of the jacket and the excellent customer service I received from the seller. I will be ordering a size up for a perfect fit.


    Good product !


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